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Study reveals that 63% of young artists utilize AI in creation process

As the world and technology continue to evolve, it appears that more and more young creators are utilizing the tools available thanks to artificial intelligence or AI for their creative processes. A recent study by the charity Youth Music looks at this growing trend and reveals some staggering statistics for artists aged 16 through 24.

The research was conducted by a team at Youth Music who discovered that 63% of artists between the ages of 16 and 24 rely on AI in their creation process, a number that will surely grow as the tools continue to evolve and become more accessible. Matt Griffiths, the CEO of Youth Music, discusses how the technology has helped break down barriers for young artists:

“So much of the industry has often been about privilege, and actually this gives people a chance who haven’t got that privilege to get involved. I think some of the positives are that for a young creative that’s often doing it for themselves so they don’t have the resource to buy in other people to help them. They have access to AI which enables them to write song lyrics, write press releases, write marketing copy and all those important administrative things that they can do themselves.”

While artists are plagued more and more by the need to create professional quality art, images, and social media content on a regular basis, there are those who question the aspects of relying too much on AI in the process. Singer-songwriter Paul Martin believes that lyrics should come from the heart, not some AI-generated machine and while he sees some of the positives in the technology, he hopes that the use doesn’t overtake the process:

“If a machine is doing it for you, it’s like, why am I even making music in the first place? On the flipside of that – you can get inspiration from AI that helps you learn melody, lyric writing, rhythm.”

With major artists such as Armin van Buuren and David Guetta openly experimenting with AI, it will certainly continue to be a point of contention and creation for artists around the world.

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