Armin van Buuren, Matoma & Teddy Swims

Armin van Buuren releases AI-generated music video for ‘Easy To Love’: Watch

Armin van Buuren releases an AI-generated music video for Easy To Love. Watch below!

Armin van Buuren released an AI-generated music video for his smash hit track Easy To Love, co-produced with Norwegian producer Matoma and US-born singer-songwriter Teddy Swims, which was featured on the 1102nd episode of A State of Trance. The song has since reached millions of views on multiple platforms, with their hit on Spotify, for example, currently, it’s at 9 million. There is no doubt that Armin seems to be quite interested in the potential of Artificial Intelligence, as he has recently been involved in many AI-related projects. For example, the Dutch trance star created AI visual art for his 2022 composition “Computers Take Over the World”, which is featured in the Feel Again trilogy – with the final in the trilogy, the Feel Again album was released in March. Artificial Intelligence seems to be all around us now, and the music industry is no exception: it can be used for vocals, rhythms, and even album covers, as recently applied by Spotify to generate playlist covers. This May saw the release of the 20th A State of Trance “installment” by Armin, whose festival will now take place in Rotterdam in 2024. Interestingly, his label Armada also just recently turned 20 also.

Armin commented: “I’ve been experimenting with AI for some time now and find it truly fascinating to see how far the technology has come since I used it in my ‘Computers Take Over The World’ AI-generated music video and in my tracks 🤖. It’s crazy what AI can do these days…do you agree?”

In conclusion, although the video just released appears to be only a rudimentary one, it is very impressive that the imagination of AI will be almost equal to that of humans in the near future. The vibe given off by the figures and people that appear is very fitting for this guitar-led, rhythm-filled music with a very uplifting vocal by Teddy. Are you still wondering what video was made for this fantastic music by an AI? Check it out below!

Armin van Buuren, Matoma & Teddy Swims (Combined Press) / Provided by Armada PR

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