eliminate uses AI to create a drake song

DJ/Producer Eliminate uses AI to make a Drake song

Artificial Intelligence can no longer be ignored within the realm of music production. From mixing to mastering, every aspect has been covered by the enhancements of AI. One of the ‘Future Rave’ companions, David Guetta, already showed the world the power of AI through an identical re-creation of Eminem’s voice. He mentioned using one website for lyrics and one website for the vocals. The following DJ/Producer also does that when creating his Hip-Hop record.


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Eliminate is a DJ/Producer who showcases multiple track breakdowns, re-creations, and inventions for music production on his YouTube channel. While almost hitting the 200.000 subscribers milestone, he finds different ways to entertain and educate his viewers. In one of his latest videos, he creates a Drake record by using AI.

He starts by using ‘ChatGPT’ to create fitting lyrics. His sense of humor comes in when entering the main core that the lyrics have to be about: ‘write me lyrics about performing open heart surgery at the club’. After the AI comes with different verses, he pastes the one he likes into the voice-generator website called ‘Uberduck.ai’. He selects the rapper Drake by choice and decides to kick off with a beat that compliments the vocal.

His project is in the key of C at 159 BPM. When the foundation of the track has been properly laid out he starts cutting the first line of vocals. To his surprise, he starts liking the flow and decides to generate more lyrics. The whole process of finding the right lyrics can be a hassle but Eliminate uses his sense of humor in a funny but creative way to find new sentences. Along the way, he lays out the arrangement by removing and adding different components and tackles a lot of technical issues such as EQ’ing and vocal comping. The creative use of adding short delays and pitch shifting creates tension and forms the sound design of the whole track. As the intro, he uses every word of the English dictionary and uses the rapper Tech N9ne to rap it.

This creative and funny way of implementing AI to create a track can be really useful, especially when coming up with the right lyrics for your song.

Have a look at the video down below:

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image credit: Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

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