best ableton stock plugins

Best Ableton Live stock plugins

Ableton released its first version of Live in 2001 including stock plugins like erosion, ping pong delay, vinyl distortion, and reverb. Having evolved a lot over the past 20 years, the catalog of stock plugins has also developed a lot during the period. The latest version of Ableton has 17 software instruments, 59 audio & 15 MIDI effects. Here are some of the best Ableton Live stock plugins. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


  1. Erosion 
  2. AMP
  3. Auto Pan
  4. Frequency Shifter
  5. Operator 
  6. Tension
  7. Analog
  8. Sampler 
  9. Wavetable
  10. Collision


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Erosion combines delay modulation together with filtered noise or a sine wave to achieve its “digital” distortion effect. Select the right frequency, width, and amount to apply downsampling and aliasing to the incoming signal, while only using 6 knobs.




AMP will add warmth and brightness to your sounds through its built-in amplifiers and cabinets. It includes 6 modes, which are all based on classic guitar amplifiers from the 60’s/70’s, such as clean, boost, blues, rock, lead, heavy, and bass. Control every part of the signal such as the gain, bass, middle, treble, presence, dry/wet, and mono/stereo output.




3.Auto Pan

Create your own tremolo, a synchronized chopping effect, sidechain, or use this LFO-driving modulator as an automatic pan. Set its waveform to a sine wave, sawtooth, triangle, or set it at random and control the amount, rate, phase, and shape of the signal.



4.Frequency Shifter

Frequency Shifter will shift your selected frequencies higher or lower resulting in a range from subtle tremolo effects to dissonant sounds. Besides shifting frequencies, you’ll be able to add ring modulation to the incoming signal. This LFO based plugin lets you control the amount, rate, spin, and mix in 1 plugin.




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This synthesizer is combining FM synthesis together with subtractive, and additive synthesis resulting in rough leads, dirty percussions, and synthetic textures. Create complex sounds as you can modulate the frequencies of all 4 oscillators with each other, and change the ADSR and waveform of every oscillator separately through its interface.




This string-based synthesizer can reproduce every detail of real stringed instruments such as the pick, hammer, bow, size, and type of instrument. Its interface includes 5 features such as exciter, damper, termination, pickup, and body where you can control the sound even more than a real stringed instrument.



7. Analog

Analog contains a clear overview of every step of sound synthesis. Start with choosing your waveform, run it through several filter types, followed by an AMP, LFO, and the main mixer. Add additional noise to your sounds and let it blend into your complex sound.




Ableton Sampler will give a new perspective to sampling sounds. Import every sound into sampler and change or add additional features to the sound. Regular features like key change, reverse, and panning are included but features like sample start, sample end, loop start, loop end, crossfade, the pitch/oscillator tab, filter tab, and modulation tab will transform your sound into something totally different. Take sampling to the next level with Sampler.



This new synth of Ableton includes a library of wavetables from acoustic instruments, synths, drums, and much more. Besides 2 oscillators, you can add a sine waveform to the sound and sculpt the sounds through its envelopes, amps, and LFO’s.




Reproduce instruments such as xylophones, and marimbas, but also create new sounds with Ableton’s Collision. Control the stiffness and resonators to change the timbre of the sound and use the LFO section to change the sound’s structure.


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