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Best pitch correction VST plugins for vocals in 2023

Autotune is a tool for automatic tuning trademarked by Antares Audio. Currently, voice intonation correction is one of the main and standard sound editing procedures, the use of which is already a regular occurrence. By far the most common use of autotune is in pop and hip-hop songs, but it is not limited to vocals only. Most plugins of this type offer separate modes for instruments like guitar or trumpet. Simply put, autotune takes any audio file and measures its pitch and key using a software audio processor. Following the “musical trends” we have prepared a list of five premium and five best free pitch correction vst plugins for vocals in 2023 that will come in handy for you whether you are a vocalist or producer and the genre of music you create. 

TOP 5 of the best pitch correction VST plugins in 2023:

1. Celemony Melodyne 5 – €99.00 – €699.00

2. Antares Audio Auto-Tune Pro X$459.00

3. iZotope Nectar 3 – €255.22

4. Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis – $114.99 – $149.00

5. SoundSpot VoxBox – €65.00


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Read the short description of all these plugins down below and if you make it to the end of the article, there are list of another five FREE pitch correction plugins for you.


Premium pitch correction VST plugins for vocals:

1. Celemony Melodyne 5 – €99.00 – €699.00

Melodyne awards you unmatched admittance to all the melodic subtleties in your accounts and tests – note by note. This is made conceivable by an advanced examination that dives profoundly into your chronicles and tests, and perceives and comprehends the melodic connections inside them: the individual notes and their qualities, the scales, keys and harmonies, the circumstance, the rhythm, the tone shading.

Melodyne studio is one of the most valuable and important plug-ins a producer can invest in. – says Andrew Bolooki, Grammy-winning vocal producer of Old Town Road (Remix)



2. Antares Audio Auto-Tune Pro X$459.00

Auto-Tune Pro is the most complete and progressed release of Auto-Tune. It incorporates Auto Mode, for constant rectification and impacts, Graph Mode, for nitty gritty pitch and time altering, the Auto-Key module for programmed key and scale identification, and a lot of more features like Classic ModeHumanize, orThroat Modeling. Regardless of whether you need to rapidly finish up a couple of faulty notes, dial in the ideal Auto-Tune Effect, or fastidiously clean a whole execution, Auto-Tune Pro offers the expert pitch amendment and great impacts you’re searching for.



3.  iZotope Nectar 3 – €255.22

Nectar 3 modules react to sound recurrence and uproar information to create an even, adjusted execution and its structure offers more grounded usefulness with easy to use boundary controls. Key highlights: Vocal Assistant – investigating the substance of your vocal presentation and creating an impacts preset structure fitted to the subtleties of your artist and your music, Vocal Unmasking – sick assistance place your vocal at the front line of the blend, moving other contending blend components off the beaten path consequently, and Dimension – incorporates chorale, flanger, and phaser impacts to add development and profundity to your vocal.



4. Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis – $114.99 – $149.00

OVox is controlled by Waves Organic ReSynthesis® (ORS) innovation to convey its unequaled vocal amalgamation sound quality. ORS takes the first vocal sign and separates it to its center ‘DNA’ components—plentifulness, pitch, and formant. It then re-integrates these components to make the new vocal sound, which is liberated from undesirable ancient rarities and jelly the expressiveness of the first vocal. Make a boundless palette of vocal transforming, tuning, orchestrating, vocoder and talkbox impacts and past, with profundity, lucidity, and instinctive control. Use MAGIC40 code to get -40% OFF!



5. SoundSpot VoxBox – €65.00

VoxBox improves the vocal thickening cycle, without settling on quality. SoundSpot’s product encourages you to augment and thicken your lead vocals in a straightforward and instinctive manner while being light on your CPU and keeping your blending chain basic. It has a quick and instinctive work process, progressed vocal stem partition calculation, and preserves transients.


The best five free pitch correction VST plugins:

1. Antares Audio Auto-Tune Evo

Auto-Tune revises inflection and timing issues in vocals or solo instruments, without mutilation or ancient rarities, while safeguarding the entirety of the expressive subtlety of the first presentation.

2. Auburn Sounds Graillon 2

Graillon is a Vocal Live Changer that brings a universe of conceivable outcomes directly into your DAW, with painstakingly structured features like Pitch-Tracking Modulation, Schifter and Correction.

3. Acon Digital Multiply

Acon Digital Multiply is a free and flexible chorus effect with an interesting turn. Each mimicked voice is prepared with a stage randomizing channel so upsetting brush channel impacts are maintained a strategic distance from.

4. Melda Production MAutoPitch

MAutoPitch is a straightforward however incredible-sounding programmed pitch rectification module intended for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Other than making the sound more in order, MAutoPitch likewise gives imaginative highlights, for example, formant move and sound system extension. It is brisk, simple to utilize, and free!

5. GSnap

One magnificent element that sets GSnap separated other free pitch correction plugins, however, is the capacity to tune the handled sound sign as per the MIDI notes on the input – you don’t need to depend on the module’s programmed pitch recognition calculation.



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