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10 Best YouTube channels for learning Music Production

With the internet being widely accessible nowadays, you’ll find every aspect of music production online ranging from quick tips & tricks to complete track deconstructions. There are tons of artists who are regularly streaming and sharing videos on Twitch/Youtube discussing every single aspect of music production. Shortlisting from a wide variety of Youtube channels related to music production we have selected some of the best YouTube channels for learning Music Production. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


Best YouTube channels for learning Music Production


1. Composerily 

Composerily is a music tutorial channel showing the viewers how to recreate, remix or produce music in short-form videos. He will show you how to make music like Daft Punk, Skrillex, Virtual Riot etc. in a very humorous and informative manner. He has over 500k subscribers and is a great place to learn about music production for people seeking beginners, intermediates & advanced tips, and tricks.


2. Dylan Tallchief 

Dylan is combining music production together with different technical and advanced ways of making music. He does music production within Excel, he is making a beat within a virtual computer game, he is trying all sorts of new plugins and whatnot. His YouTube channel is educational while bringing fun subjects to the table. He also does live streams where he creates tracks from scratch and sometimes fixes subscribers’ projects.



3. Jonas Aden 

This Norwegian DJ/Producer has been a regular on record labels like STMPD RCRDS, Musical Freedom, Hexagon Records, and many more. He is approaching his YouTube channel in a more professional way, talking about how he goes about his music production, doing demo sessions and also insightful videos like why he almost quit making music and how he keeps himself motivated. You’ll be able to see several tips & tricks while producing a song and how he managed to get signed on the major labels.


4. Servida

Simon Servida is a beatmaker and through his youtube channel he showcases how to improve your workflow & sound design and how to make a track from the start until the end. Every video will cover a different genre, technical, or musical aspect of music production guiding the viewers in the right direction.



ARTFX is a Drum & Bass producer and Ableton user. He will cover every little detail about Drum & Bass in his ‘Drum & Bass Production Streams’, showing you how he approaches a song from the beginning idea until the end result. Probably one of the most technical and in-depth channels when it comes to sound design & arrangements.


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6. Eliminate 

Eliminate is a well-recognized Dubstep/Hybrid Trap Producer and is constantly challenging himself to create songs or remixes from random sounds. Some of his videos include remixing the iPhone ringtone, Windows 10 sounds, and trying to figure out if mayonnaise can be used as an instrument. These crazy ideas can spark your creativity and maybe use those sounds in a real song. Eliminate’s videos are definitely fun to watch.


7. Reid Stefan 

Reid Stefan is one of the most sought-after youtube channels when it comes to learning music production. He has a tutorial on every single aspect of the music-making process. This puppet-themed youtube channel will show you how to EQ drums, mix vocals, make an acapella out of every song, or how to add parallel compression. He also has a very informative Instagram full of tips and tricks for music production.


8. Karra 

Karra is a singer/songwriter and vocal producer who has already worked with artists like Timbaland, Armin Van Buuren, and Steve Aoki. You’ll probably know her from Splice sample packs. She will show you how to treat vocals properly, which headphones to use, and also shares some insights into her own life as an artist.


9. Yalcin Efe

This Swedish artist talks about how to make songs in the style of Anjunadeep, Afterlife, and more. Be it sound design, melodies, chords or arrangements, Yalcin explains everything in detail in a very simple manner. If you’re producing House, melodic techno or techno music, make sure to check out his YouTube channel.



TÂCHES is a DJ/Producer taking music production to the next level. Through the use of his external gear collection, he will show you everything about synthesis and sound design. If you want to experiment and learn everything about music production then you must have a look at TÂCHES TEACHES YouTube channel.


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