Buchla Music Easel

Buchla launches new versions of the Music Easel

Initially released 50 years ago in 1973, the Music Easel is a staple of the Buchla catalog and an iconic piece of gear in the history of music production.  Now the team at Buchla is revamping the classic design to offer a modern, more compact product for the next generation of producers and engineers.

Initially revealed during Superbooth 2023, the idea behind the new Music Easel, available in three specific designs (modern, retro, and 50th Anniversary Collectors edition), is to offer a new, streamlined product that still offers the high-quality controls and workflow of the original design.  Crafted with the same circuits, mechanical design, and graphic theme, the new models showcase the company’s desire to celebrate its storied past while also delivering products that are both functional and affordable to modern users.

“This past month at Superbooth, we showed off our completed Music Easel and the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Easel.

The love for the Anniversary Easel was strong, but the retro-at-all-costs build with guest artist preset cards, publication, signed artwork, and special edition LP was not within everyone’s range.

When we returned, we set out to determine if we could incorporate the retro appeal of the Anniversary Easel into a more affordable package that could be built in higher numbers. The answer: ‘yes.’”

The makeup of Music Easel comes in a sturdy case and features both a 218 Touch Keyboard Controller as well as a 208 Stored Program Sound Source that allows for real-time control from the keyboard pads, knobs, sliders, switches, and patch points.  To ensure authenticity as well as recognize the Music Easel’s storied past, Buchla has also included the original Program Cards, full of user presets using resistors, just like when the product was initially offered in 1973.

Pre-orders are open for all three designs, with the modern and retro editions retailing at $4,999 with an expected ship date of June 16th, while the 50th Anniversary Edition sells for $9,999 and pre-orders will run from July 1st through the end of the month.

Image Credit: Buchla

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