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The Future of DJing? CDJ-3000 now supports Beatport Streaming

AlphaTheta Corporation has announced a significant firmware update (ver. 3.00) for its CDJ-3000 multi-player, introducing an exciting new feature called StreamingDirectPlay. This update revolutionizes the DJ experience by allowing users to browse and play tracks live from the extensive Beatport Streaming catalog directly on the flagship CDJ-3000 device. The feature is accessible to subscribers of Beatport Streaming’s Professional or Advanced plans and seamlessly integrates with Rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, enabling DJs to mix streamed tracks with those from their cloud library.


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With StreamingDirectPlay, DJs can effortlessly access the vast Beatport Streaming catalog by logging into their Beatport Streaming Professional or Advanced plan from a CDJ-3000 unit. The functionality extends to up to four CDJ-3000 devices connected to the PRO DJ LINK Network, providing DJs with the freedom to perform on multiple units simultaneously. The user-friendly interface allows DJs to explore the latest releases, browse various genres, and access personal playlists saved to their Beatport account. Furthermore, the CDJ-3000’s advanced features, including waveform display, Quantize, and Beat Sync, enhance the DJ’s ability to seamlessly match beats and mix tracks accurately. DJs using mixers compatible with Touch Preview in the PRO DJ LINK network, such as the DJM-A9, DJM-V10, or DJM-900NXS2, can even listen to Beatport Streaming tracks before loading them onto the CDJ-3000, streamlining the track selection process.


To enhance workflow and provide DJs with unparalleled flexibility, Beatport Streaming effortlessly integrates with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay. This functionality enables DJs to access tracks directly from the cloud, ensuring that BPM, key information, and waveforms analyzed by rekordbox are transferred to the CDJ-3000 upon loading a track. Furthermore, any edits made to Hot Cues or Memory Cues are automatically uploaded to the cloud, ensuring DJs have access to their latest rekordbox library from anywhere in the world. The CDJ-3000’s intuitive screen allows DJs to browse and select tracks seamlessly, whether they are from Beatport Streaming or playlists previously uploaded to the cloud via rekordbox. This eliminates the need for a PC or Mac connection during DJ performances, providing DJs with ultimate flexibility and convenience.


To enjoy the benefits of Beatport Streaming on the CDJ-3000, users must update their device’s firmware to the latest version (ver. 3.0), which is available now. AlphaTheta Corporation has also released a tutorial video to guide users on how StreamingDirectPlay works on the CDJ-3000. For more info visit



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