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Chosen Masters: Quick and affordable online mastering service

The most daunting (and least fun) part of making music is the post-production. Sometimes tedious & frustrating, mixing, mastering, and everything else that goes into putting the finishing touches on a project can be more difficult than every other aspect of the process. Thankfully, there are services like Chosen Masters out there willing to do this work for us.


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Chosen Masters, trusted by artists on influential and respected labels like Dim Mak, OWSLA, Mad Decent, Trap Nation, and Spinnin’, is a website that allows you to upload your mix and get back a professional, high-quality master easily and at an affordable price. The process is very simple- upload your mix, choose the style and intensity/loudness you want for the finished product, and then download your completed master in whatever format you like. 40+ real-time settings, over 100 currencies accepted, and a limited free tier means that just about any musician can make use of this ultra-convenient service.


As we just mentioned, there’s a free option that gives you access to all modes and 5 different intensity settings, but the paid tiers are just as accessible- and worth the price. Single song masters– which are currently only $2.49 as part of a special introductory offer for the new Diamond mastering engine- give you most of the functions of the higher tiers (10 intensity settings, all mastering settings, real time controls, and more), is limited only in the number of controls and amount of songs mastered; Pro Monthly, at $19.97, gives you everything and the yearly Pro Ultimate ($149) gives you the same while saving you $100 over the course of the year.


The all-new Engine Diamond comes with a variety of useful updates and modes-


  • Open Mode: Crisp, snappy, clean, and punchy
  • LUFS Mode: LUFS normalization for all streaming services
  • Powerful Mode: Clean and transparent; described by the company as being their favorite
  • Warm Mode: Immaculately smooth; their warmest sound to date
  • Airy Mode: Floaty and airy high frequencies


When you’re ready to try Chosen Masters out, go to the official website and try it out for free! Be sure to take advantage of the limited time $2.49 master offer as part of the introduction of the new Diamond mastering engine. All you have to do is enter promo code DOLLAR_MASTER at checkout for a single master.



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Image credits: Chosen Masters