Cyber Monday plugins 2022

Cyber Monday deals on Plugins 2022

We are heading toward the end of Cyber Week and this also marks the end of some of the ongoing sales of tools for music production. So if you have been looking forward to adding new plugins to your arsenal this might be the best time to do it as the current prices for most plugins are the lowest they will ever be throughout the year. Some of the deals listed down below go on till the 10th of December however some end on the 30th of November. Down below is a list of the most lucrative Cyber Monday deals on plugins going on at the moment. Also don’t forget to check out our special page where we highlight the best deals on presets, bundles, sample packs, courses, etc for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022.


Best Cyber Monday Plugin Deals for Music Production 

1. Fabfilter Bundles & Plugins – 25% off 

  • Recommended Deals – Bundles: Pro Bundle, Total Bundle
  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Fabfilter Pro Q3, Pro L2, Pro MB

2. Soundtoys Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale – up to 70% off 

  • Recommended Deals – Bundles: Soundtoys 5 Total Bundle
  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Little Alterboy, Decapitator, Echo Boy, Crystallizer

3. iZotope Bundles & Plugins – up to 77% off

  • Recommended Deals – Bundles: Music Production Suite 5, Tonal Rebalance Bundle, Mix & Master Bundle
  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Ozone 10 Advanced, Neoverb, RX 10

4.  Kilohearts Phase Plant  –  50% off

5. XLN Audio Black Friday Sale – up to 50% off 

  • Recommended Deals – XLN Audio XO  & XLN Audio RC 20

6. Heavyocity Black Friday – up to 75% off 

  • Recommended Deals – Bundles: Composer Bundle 
  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Damage 2, Punish, Mosaic Voices, Mosaic Keys

7. Output Black Friday – up to 37% off

  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Portal, Thermal, Substance

8. Antares Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals – Up to 62% off

  • Recommended Deals – Plugins: Throat, Harmony Engine

9. Waves Factory TrackSpacer – 50% off 

10. Arturia V Collection 9 Sale – 50% off

11Solid State Logic – up to 90% off

Recommended Deals

  • Bundles: Band Bundle
  • Plugins: Native FlexVerb, Guitarstrip

12. OekSound – 35%

Recommended Deals

  • Plugins: Soothe 2, Spiff


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