Darkglass Microtubes X 900

Darkglass Unveils the Beefed Up Microtubes X 900 Bass Head

Darkglass is an analog music gear manufacturer offering a range of pedals, amplifiers, cabinets, footswitches, and capsules. The company, holding onto a catalog of amplifiers ranging from 200W up to 900W, is accompanied by a new version. The new Microtubes X 900 bass amplifier is the latest asset including significant power and clarity. Have a look down below to find out what this product has in store.


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Darkglass started building on the foundation of the older Microtubes 900 amplifier when developing this older sister. Taking a first look at the device, you’ll notice that the X 900’s front panel holds onto some of the same features as the 900 model. The company maintained the same layout but added some new features to it. Starting at the left, you have the same jack input to connect your instrument via a standard 1⁄4” mono cable. As a bass amplifier, it can ideally be used with an electric guitar or bass guitar. Switch between the passive and active modes in order to drive the amplifier to noticeable distortion once your bass is active. Additional distortion can be applied later on. Unlike the microtubes feature you can enable the X feature to enable the Microtubes X Engine, allowing you to both compress and distort the signal in a 2 band split. Using this feature on your signal allows you to round off your low-end and slightly distort your high-end, before going into the EQ section. From here on you can enable the compressor circuit for the clean channel which can be controlled through the volume knob. A high pass filter, drive, and mix are grouped together, controlling the high-end signal. The high pass filter controls the cutoff point, ranging from 100 Hz up to 1 kHz, right before the signal is going through the distortion circuit. The drive sets the amount of distortion, and the mix determines how well the lows and highs are melted together. The low pass filter, compression, and level are also grouped together, controlling the low end. The low pass filter is operating between 50 Hz and 500 Hz. The Compression features let you decide the amount of compression for the low end when X is enabled. Control the output level of the X channel by using the Level dial.

At the right side of the front panel, you’ll find a section equipped with a total of 6 EQ sliders. Start controlling the frequency spectrum of the signal at the last stage of the circuitry. Decide to control a range of +-12dB of the low shelf, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 3 kHz, and the high shelf. Mute the whole device’s effect through a single button and set the overall volume through the Master knob. You can even use the Darkglass Suite desktop version if you want to select and use all of the availabilities from the Darkglass library. The dimensions of the device: Width: 26.7 cm /101⁄4”, Length: 25.5 cm / 10′′, Height: 7.1 cm / 23⁄4”, Weight: 2.4 kg / 5.3 lb.


The Darkglass Microtubes X 900 bass amplifier is available for a price of $1299.



Have a closer look at the device down below:

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Image Credits: Darkglass


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