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Duolingo to launch Music Course in October 2023

Duolingo, the popular mobile app for language learning, is about to expand its offerings into the world of music. On October 11, 2023, Duolingo will launch its much-anticipated Music course, a creative addition to its educational offerings. Millions of language learners use the platform, as it is an engaging app for accessible lessons on the go. Duolingo will also be launching its first math class simultaneously. This dual release will allow learners to embrace the universal language of music and strengthen their mathematical skills if they so choose.


Duolingo’s recent studies have shown that music engages various brain areas responsible for attention, prediction, and memory update. It has also been demonstrated that music can significantly enhance reading, verbal, listening, and math skills. This means the Music course is about rhythm and melodies and nurturing essential cognitive functions using 200-plus “fun and familiar tunes.” The benefits of learning music extend beyond language and math skills. Playing an instrument or singing can help prevent cognitive decline associated with aging. The platform continues to honor its commitment to accessibility, offering the course to both free and paid members of the platform. 


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Severin Hacker, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Duolingo stated, “We know maths and music, like language, transcend cultures and connect people. Soon, you will be able to learn maths and music in the same Duolingo experience – all with the same fun, engaging, and effective experience you know from learning languages with us.” In conclusion, the launch of a new Music course is a creative touch for the language learning app by adding a touch of creativity to the mix. With its multiple cognitive benefits and accessibility for all users, Duolingo is ready to revolutionize music education. Don’t forget to set a reminder for October 11, 2023 to be among the first users of the course.


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