Fender Riff Revealed at NAMM 2023

Fender Guitars is one of the most recognizable and iconic instrument brands in modern music history, and they brought a special surprise to this year’s NAMM conference. When people think of rock and roll, the first names that come to mind are the Telecaster and Stratocaster, which were famously sported by a plethora of rock legends. Fender has made a name for themselves over several decades with their signature acoustic timbre and their collection of sleek, wooden finishes, which has now become the hallmark look of their newest product: The Riff.


This sexy new device combines the playback functions of a portable Bluetooth speaker with the playability of a Fender guitar amp. This capability allows any guitarist to become part of their favorite bands anytime and anywhere they want. The system features a wooden touch panel with sliders that control volume and EQ settings and is automatically adjustable via their free, downloadable Fender Riff app. Furthermore, Riff’s 1/4″ TRS port allows its user to plug in any electronic instrument for fully immersive rock and roll jam sessions.


The Fender Riff also features a Party Mode for when too many people attend someone’s impromptu concert on the Santa Monica Pier, and the volume needs to be turned up to 11. This is no problem for the speaker, as it is pairable with up to one hundred other RIFF units to create the ultimate concert experience. Furthermore, each device already comes packed with 60 watts of pure sound running through six custom-tuned drivers, which means that even one RIFF will be enough to lay down your botched “Stairway” attempt before somebody in the distance stops you.


Any musician looking to invest in the Fender Riff will be looking at a price tag of $469.99. This package will include the Bluetooth speaker, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, a USB-C charging cable, and a carrying strap for extra portability. The Fender Riff is perfect for anyone looking to play along to their favorite songs and sound like the rockstar they’ve always dreamed of becoming. It is a true innovation in audio technology and will open the door for a new era of “jamming out.”


Image credit: Clive Varley (Flickr)

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