Folamour Interview

Folamour Voices Concerns over Lifeless Dance Music

Deep in the heart of Marseille, France, lies an electronic dance music producer by the name of Folamour, and he is making it known to the world that he is worried that the music being pumped out in the modern electronic music industry has been reduced to something that is, “empty of any soul and emotions.” This is a sentiment that has been shared among a growing population of listeners for many years.


With that being said, Folamour shares the opinion that the act of passing on a feeling to remember to concertgoers to be cherished for the rest of their lives is becoming a dwindling art form that is being replaced by meaningless party music that ravers will certainly become too obliterated to remember the next day. This begs the question: why do so many of the EDM artists that are considered to be the greatest of all time, such as Avicii and Daft Punk, seem to have started their revolutions in the industry over 10 years ago, and where are all the new kids on the block trying to walk in their footsteps?


In a recent interview with Complex after his performance at Hideout Festival in Croatia, the French artist told reporters that he hopes to see “a comeback of meaningful and message music in the electronic/dance scene.”


“Nowadays, I feel that sharing a message, values, even stories, is often overlooked. Most of the music released nowadays is empty of any soul and emotions, and I regret that. Making music for people to dance to is great, but music 30 years ago carried a stronger social message, actually telling something to the world. So I’d love to see that come back.”


It is not too far-fetched to think for even a second that all the baby boomers, gen-X, and gen-Y people always complaining about music not being what it was during their prime had a point. If there is anything that could be considered a common denominator among all genres of music, it is that the industry has shifted from being a powerful way to tell a story, to a commercial assembly line of dead beats that is akin to the way that flavorless fast-food hamburgers are made for the masses. Despite the depressing reality of this trend, Folamour has shown the world that a little TLC goes a long way when developing a captivating performance. He had this to say about his approach to developing sets that connect with his audience:


“I always express something in my sets and each track is selected for a reason, and this one has a clear message about peace that I truly cherish.”


Folamour has made it obvious to the music industry that he is anything but another cookie-cutter DJ that wants to sound like the status quo. Since the beginning, he has always made it a point to create meaningful music that connects with his audience and keeps them coming back for more. If there was one factor to determine who gets the opportunity to headline the main stage at a festival, this is it.


Image Credit: Sensei Photography via Flickr

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