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Genelec at the center of state of the art studio recently open in Dubai

Music studios around the world are all constructed to record sound and songs, but not all are built the same, as different regions, countries, and budgets can play a large impact on the quality of gear, space, and even location. One artist is looking to combat this issue in Dubai with the opening of his own state-of-the-art studio in the region, built in the heart of the city.

Lebanese singer and songwriter Aziz Abdo is extremely passionate about his art and speaks about his vision for the opening of Soul Sound Music Art Production:

“I wanted to create a professional studio set-up in a space that will allow me to further my skills and talent – and take my musical career to the next level,” he explains. “I wanted to give a ‘facelift’ to today’s typical music studio in Dubai, since most of them are located in remote areas or have an old, worn-out feel. I want to provide an experience, making it an ‘instagrammable’ space which can inspire musical artists and influencers, and turn it into the most visited and travel-worthy destination.”

With the help of audio engineer Hosni Abu Zahra, whose expertise in sound and audio equipment was essential to achieving the superior quality studio that Abdo had envisioned. While the best gear was selected as far as microphones, preamps, compressors, and EQs, one of the most important aspects would be the response of the room, and the two turned to Genelec for their sound monitoring solutions.

“Genelec monitors are known for their exceptional audio quality and accuracy,” he states. “They deliver transparency and accuracy and have a wide frequency response. They are also reliable, with a fantastic build quality, and their performance can be adapted to the room with GLM software. On top of all of this, they have an established reputation as the best studio monitors available.” said Abu Zahra

Outfitted with a collection of 1234’s, and 1032 nearfield monitors, as well as a 7382 subwoofer, and finally, 8030 nearfields for guests to listen to, the room is further mapped out with GLM software to help compesate for audio inconsistencies in playback. With both engineer and artist satisfied with their project, Genelac once again showcases why it is such a leader in the audio recording industry. Abdo reflects on the excitement of his new space and the opportunities it will offer artists in Dubai:

“We have created a state-of-the-art recording space – with hi-tech equipment that meets international standards – right in the heart of glamourous Downtown Dubai. I want this to be the go-to recording studio that allows young artists to experiment with their music.”

Image Credit: Genelec

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