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Is AI capable of predicting hit records?

Artificial Intelligence provided the entire world with a different look at our current technology and how we can use it to our advantage. As this type of technology is still within unknown territory, we can safely say that AI is positively surprising every industry. The next large breakthrough within the music industry is dictating to scan our brain signals while listening to music, giving us information on which songs will be the most appealing to the audience.


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Paul Zak is a professor of psychology, management, and economic sciences at the Claremont Graduate University. In a recent study, he used a combination of machine learning, brain scanning, and music in order to get a better understanding of what music does to our brains. A total of 33 participants between the age of 18 and 57 were equipped with brain sensors and a 1-hour playlist of different songs. Their brain activity responds to whether the mood and energy are appealing to the listener and indicates which songs are more attractive to people. The data from multiple brain scans were translated into commercial results, achieving a 97% accurate end result. In comparison to the 67% result through a non-AI model, we can say that this is a breakthrough. Zak mentioned that once this AI model is at its final stage we can use this to our advantage by advertising music that likely more people want to hear.


As this study relies on a smaller group of people, it’s better to enlarge the process to a broader group for the research to be concrete. The director of the AI Institute, University of Waikato, Albert Bifet, mentioned the following:


“It is interesting that the number of people they used is not large, so I’m curious to know what happens when we [study] other people. I think we need to be careful.” 


More data is necessary once this research can be introduced to the world as an advantage for streaming services. Because of the fact that the brain is such a complex system, time will be needed to properly experiment with this model.


As mentioned, AI locates itself within unknown territory. We need to be careful using this technology, but it’s a relief to introduce the bright side of Artificial Intelligence to the world.


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