iZotope new RX 10 and Ozone 10

iZotope unveil the new RX 10 and Ozone 10

iZotope RX 9 is widely considered as an industry-standard audio repair plugin thanks to its immaculate performance. Its interface is specially developed to tackle 99.9% of your problems occurring in audio files within just a few clicks. Another great tool from iZotope was the Ozone 9 tool rack which included an equalizer, exciter, vintage equalizer, vintage limiter, maximizer, imager, and more. Ozone is more than enough to achieve professional-sounding tracks. These 2 flagship plugins have been updated and released as the RX 10 and the Ozone 10. Let’s have a look at the changes in RX & Ozone


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Besides the common updates on bugs and the performances of these plugins, iZotope renewed its most important modules and added some new ones to it. The overall appearance of the RX 10 hasn’t changed much, unlike the Ozone 10 where iZotope revamped the user interface. Have a look down below to find out what they’ve added:


iZotope RX 10 new additions & updates:

  • Transcription will now be displayed above the spectrogram in a time-alined lain. This update will improve text navigation for quick navigation and selection of text.
  • Speaker identification: if more than one voice is present within the audio file, you’ll be able to select multiple “speakers detection features” for quick scanning.
  • Text searcher: let’s say you’re not happy with the pronunciation of a certain word, now you can type in that word while using the searcher (on the left side), and RX will come up with all of the other instances of that word all throughout the audio.
  • Renewed Repair Assistant: all of the included Repair features are now compiled into one plugin. Use the learn feature to clean up sibilance, background noise, reverb, mouth clicks, clipping, and much more.
  • Adaptive Mode in De-Hum: with the new Adaptive mode module you can remove hums, buzzes, magnetic interferences, and all of the other complex noises occurring within the audio.
  • Spectral Recovery update: mainly focussed on recovering frequencies for Zoom and iPhone recordings. Both upper and lower frequencies can be restored while using 2 frequency points and 2 additional gain sliders.
  • Feathering Selection: achieve smoother edits while adjusting both Time and Frequency.


iZotope Ozone 10 new additions & updates:

  • Interface upgrade. iZotope re-newed its interface while leaving all of the existing features, of Ozone 9, in the same place. While using the different tools you’ll notice that the modules are curvy and there’s an addition of multiple graphic visualizers.
  • Sides Recovery will retain stereo information when you narrow down a problematic frequency range. Now you can reduce the width without losing too much of the sides.
  • Magnify Soft Clip: within the new Maximizer module, you’ll be able to gain up the loudness while maintaining high-quality audio.
  • Impact Module: control the micro-dynamics of your audio file while using a total of 4 sliders. These sliders can be set across multiple frequency bands in order to apply punch, glue, and dynamic space on the right frequency ranges.
  • Stabilizer: This new mastering EQ will take care of resonances, harshness, and smoothening transients in order to achieve a better listening experience on every sound system.
  • Master Assistant update: the new tone, dynamics, and width features have been added to the Master Assistant, as well as an updated Assistant view to select your starting point and the Tonal Balance curve for easy metering.

Both Ozone 10 and RX 10 are native Apple Silicon supported and come in different packages.



Have a look at the new RX 10 down below:


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Image Credits: iZotope



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