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iZotope launches new recording device called Spire Studio (2nd generation)

Renowned plugin manufacturers iZotope recently announced the release of their newest recording device called Spire Studio (2nd generation). iZotope Spire Studio is a wireless, rechargeable device that lets you record vocals, instruments, etc. on the fly. Spire Studio is now available for purchase on a large number of retailers across the globe.


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The updated version of its predecessor comes with several new features which offer more possibilities and accessibilities for musicians. This 2nd generation recording tool comes with a 6-month free trial to the Spire Pro app, available for iOS and Android, which contains a lot of new features to polish your recordings right away. These features aren’t available when using the free Spire app, but it’s perfect for beginners. If we take a closer look at the device itself, you’ll find 4 features. Two big knobs, on top, will give you the possibility to record when your phone is out of reach, press Soundcheck to get your levels right, a built-in 360° omnidirectional condenser mic, a headphone output, and an XLR input with phantom power is also included. It has some new built-in preamps which will reduce the amount of distortion in your recordings to help you achieve a more professional result. Spire Studio has over 4 hours of battery life and 8+ hours of storage for recordings.



The Spire Studio (2nd generation) device is currently available for $499 USD. Spire Studio app is compatible with iOS 13 or higher and with the Samsung Galaxy S series from the S7 and higher.


Curious to see the Spire Studio (2nd generation) in action, check the video down below:

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