Lewitt Audio Pure Tube

Lewitt Audio reveal new Pure Tube condenser microphone

Since it began in 2009, Lewitt Audio has strived to be a leader in audio and recording equipment, providing a line of products that meet the high standards of the artists and engineers who utilize their gear.  The manufacturer is once again looking to showcase its quality and high standard of design with its latest condenser microphone offering.

With the release of the brand new Pure Tube condenser microphone, Lewitt Audio has released a beautiful, hand-crafted design that offers incredible recording quality with an ultra-low noise floor.  The new microphone is meticulously crafted utilizing ECC82/12AU7 tubes, as well as a circuit design that requires no semiconductors or capacitors.  Designed specifically for vocals, the Pure Tube delivers warmth and clarity that inspires, while also ensuring an ultra-low noise floor of just 7 dB thanks to its internal design.  Featuring a gold-sputtered one-inch condenser capsule, the microphone comes with a cardioid pattern that is designed to capture pristine recordings.

Of course, the designers at Lewitt Audio have not only meticulously designed the inner workings of the Pure Tube microphone but also paid careful attention to the external design and features.  Showcasing an integrated shock mount and magnetic pop filter, the new design is meant to ensure engineers and vocalists can focus on the recording and the performance while trusting that the gear will not interfere with the process.  Those interested in purchasing the new Pure Tube microphone will have the option of either just grabbing the microphone, or obtaining the studio set which includes the featured shock mount and pop filter.

The microphone alone sells for $999 while the studio set is available for $1299, and the product is backed by a 10-year warranty as well as the top-notch customer service of Lewitt Audio.  Check out the product video below to see more of the Pure Tube condenser microphone in action.

Image Credit: Lewitt Audio

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