Mike Dean Gainstation 2

Mike Dean releases Gainstation 2 plugin

Dean’s first-ever plugin, Gainstation gained an immaculate response from producers and audio engineers across the globe. Developed in collaboration together with Acustica and Studio DMI, Gainstation is a distortion plugin used for warming up sounds. Mike Dean announced the release of Gainstation 2 on his Instagram account including some special discounts. Down below you’ll find everything about this new version.


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Gainstation is a virtual recreation of a special series of hardware units, selected and tweaked by Mike himself in order to achieve his signature sound. The main purpose of this plugin is to add power, dimension, and character to any sound, transforming it into something special. Based on capturing the distortion, saturation, and coloring of analog gear, Mike took it to a next level with this new version. Gainstation 2 remained the same layout, but they’ve added some special features for the improvement of performing and sound quality. Above the pre-amp knob, you’ll find 3 small buttons: O (Orange), and B (Black), and OB (Orange + Black). These new texture circuitry buttons are working with circuit emulation for a special sort of saturation. Orange will add saturation in the low-end and low mids. Black will add saturation in the high-end and Orange + Black will merge both features into one. Acustica and Studio DMI added a new variable and versatile circuitry that gives a global boost to the sound source. Last but not least, they’ve added a special EQ section with 2 new frequencies: 700 Hz (Bass ++ band) and 1.5kHz (Air ++ band).


Gainstation 2 is available in 3 different models: Gainstation 2, Gainstation 2 Boost, and Gainstation 2 VSM. The Boost and VSM versions are one-knobs, allowing you to quickly add saturation. Gainstation 2 is currently available for an introductory price of €112, saving you 25%. Both the Boost and VSM are available for €49, but you can save another 15% if you add all 3 to the cart.



Have a look at the plugin down below:

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Image Credits: Acustica Audio


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