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Moog Music announces that it has been acquired by InMusic

In the history of music, Moog Music is certainly an iconic name brand that has been at the forefront of some of the most legendary moments of the recording industry.  Besides the incredible synthesizers, the company has remained independent over the years, being led by founder Robert Moog until his death in 2015 before giving 49% ownership share to the organization’s employees.

While the history of Moog Music is fascinating in and of itself, with Robert Moog having lost the trademark for several years before it was returned to him in 2002, the company’s passion for synthesizers and high-quality products is what has made it an icon for musicians around the world.  Now, in a surprise announcement, CEO Joe Richardson has revealed that the infamous manufacturer has been purchased by InMusic.

It is my pleasure and privilege to bring you the exciting news that Moog Music has joined the inMusic family.  With its diverse roster of innovative companies across the music technology space, inMusic is known for its dedication to developing quality performance and production instruments for musicians across the globe. We are thrilled to join this group of talented, like-minded people who support our mission as we continue to design and build the world’s best-sounding electronic musical instruments.

The acquisition by InMusic sees Moog Music joining a brand that oversees M-Audia, Akai Professional, Numark, and more.  While the overall details and impact of the deal have not been revealed, Joe Richardson did state that the facilities will remain in Asheville, NC, as well as product development to be led by Steve Dunnington who trained under Bob Moog.  As the music world awaits to see the impact of this historic acquisition, Richardson ended his message on a very positive note:

The future is bright for Moog and the incredible community that has embraced our instruments and all we stand for. We’re grateful for your loyalty and support along the way, and we can’t wait for you to see (and hear) all that’s ahead. 

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