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Native Instruments investors keen to acquire Avid

Native Instruments, a leading company in the music technology industry, has formed strategic partnerships and investments with various entities, including Francisco Partners, a private equity firm based in the United States. Francisco Partners has invested significantly in both Native Instruments and iZotope. In addition, they are now setting their sights on another major player in the music technology industry, AVID, also known as Avid Technology Inc. Earlier this year, Francisco Partners facilitated a groundbreaking partnership between iZotope and Native Instruments, which marked a significant step in the future of music creation and audio production. The partnership aimed to leverage the strengths of both manufacturers, promising innovative advancements in the realm of music technology. Another noteworthy contender in the race to acquire AVID is Symphony Technology Group (STG), a private equity firm with a focus on technology investments. Symphony Technology Group is positioning itself as a formidable player in the acquisition game.


AVID holds great importance in the music industry. They are the creators of Pro Tools, a digital audio workstation that has become the global standard for music professionals. AVID has also developed Sibelius, a widely used music notation software that has captured the imagination of both composers and musicians. The acquisition of AVID would be a significant move, as its present valuation stands at $1.2 billion.


In recent reports from Reuters, AVID has been considering a possible sale, since the beginning of this year. If these reports are accurate, there may be a major acquisition in the music technology industry that could have long-lasting effects. This situation highlights the importance of music technology companies in the global market and the potential impact of acquisition bids. Both Francisco Partners and Symphony Technology Group are contenders, and the outcome of their bids could drastically change the world of music production tools and software.


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