Native Instruments Valves Pro

Native Instruments reveals incredible horns and brass samples in Valves Pro

Native Instruments continues to expand its library of sounds, samples, and plug-ins as it recognizes the growing need for artists and producers around the globe who rely on the company to provide the tools that help them create. Now the audio company has returned with another stellar library of world-class sounds that producers can utilize, manipulate, and mix any way they like in their own works.

With the release of Valves Pro, the team at Native Instruments has once again showcased its impeccable attention to detail and crisp offerings to its users. With a variety of entities and offerings in its broad catalog, Native Instruments is a true leader in the music production field, offering something for creators of every level and genre imaginable. The release of Valves Pro looks to further cement its position in the industry, providing a plethora of instruments as well as performance tools to help shape the desired sound. Included in the new release are samples of trombone, flugelhorn, French Horn, tuba, and a plethora of euphonium sounds. A rich brass or horn can easily elevate a piece of music and provide energy and color to the production.

Along with the library of sounds, Valves Pro also helps users achieve the perfect performance, with the ability for solo and ensemble efforts, making it easier than ever to assemble a horn section for a piece of work. Further ensuring complete control, the new release is full of a wide range of articulations and phrases, as well as a comprehensive player to help build looping sections with ease.

Valves Pro is a great asset for any producer or studio setup and is currently available at the incredible introductory price of just $249.00, a savings of $50 off the retail price. While dance music fans and producers may not immediately think of horns for their productions, the instruments offer a variety and fresh tool to help elevate any track.

Image Credit: Native Instruments

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