Star Wars mock-up

Musician creates near-identical replica of the Star Wars theme

Every day, new videos reach the surface where people are appreciated for their talent. Whether it’s a street artist, professional musician, or beginner, they’re all finding exposure when showing their musicality. Take, for instance, Susan Boyle’s voice, Tokio Myers’ piano skills, or this musician who made a near-identical replica of the Star Wars theme song.


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Simon Passmore is a Manchester-based film-scoring musician and full-time teacher at the UK’s Director of Music at St. Ann’s Church. His perseverance in playing the piano and composing music throughout his career gained him a tremendous amount of experience and awards. His YouTube Channel consisted of a single video which is a showreel of his composing work for the media in 2021 and 2022. This took a turn when he uploaded a mock-up of the original Star Wars theme. This came as a surprise because of the fact that the production, quality-wise, is almost 1-on-1. In this video, he simply shows us his Logic Pro project file where he plays his re-creation of the theme. A timeline of 55 seconds will guide you through his MIDI information and the complexity of his automations. He mentioned that he created it with commercial sample libraries. Here is a list of the libraries he used:

  • Aaron Venture Infinite Brass
  • Cinematic Studio Woodwinds
  • Cinesamples CinePerc
  • Cinesamples CineHarps
  • Cinematic Studio Strings
  • Vista Strings
  • Simple Sam Signature Grand 

A total of 5 other Star Wars mock-ups are on the way, including the Empire and The Asteroid Field or Imperial March. A new mock-up has been added to his channel, ‘The Incredibles: End Credits’ that can be found here. As a sign of appreciation, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel. In the future, we can even expect short tutorials on how he made certain mock-ups.

Have a listen down below:

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Image Credits: DisneyPlus

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