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Review: Nicky Romero x FaderPro Masterclass

FaderPro has curated over 130 music production courses by more than 60 artists from across the globe to provide aspiring music producers an insight into the music production process of professionals. Besides a large number of contests and label partners, they’ve been working together with artists like ANOTR, Deniz Koyu, Ferry Corsten, and many more. This time, FaderPro teamed up with Nicky Romero to give you the opportunity to follow every step Nicky Romero adopts while making a record in this three-part masterclass.


Right away, you’ll be presented with several free clips that give you the impression of what’s to come. Nicky Romero will be working inside Logic Pro for this masterclass. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t work on Logic Pro because every step can be replicated within almost any DAW.


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Digital Music Masterclass Part 1

In the first part of this masterclass, you’ll be presented with some of the most important technical details of Logic Pro. Nicky will take you through his project settings, use of sends & returns, and the basics of making your own FX, in order to provide you with a clear understanding of the DAW. By using his own plugin, Kick 2, he will also show you how to create great-sounding kick drums right away.

Nicky also takes you through the process of creating a professional-sounding track right from scratch. The modules within part 1 include working on drums, sampling, music theory, melodies, making a bassline, designing a lead, basics of mixing, and a touch of mastering as well. This part consists out of 26 chapters, with a total runtime of 3hrs 14min.


Digital Music Masterclass Part 2

Nicky will start this chapter by creating an arrangement & implementing several ideas for the track he did as a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren called ‘I Need You To Know’. He will demonstrate how he uses FX to glue different sections of the track together. Also, he drops some interesting insights on how to make the buildup and drop more interesting and powerful. He also goes in-depth with advanced production tools such as Automations which are an interesting way to help the track breathe. Struggling to make your arrangements sound lively and interesting? Nicky Romero got you covered. Learn how to build tension, create power & warmth in the drop in this masterclass. He also goes over other important aspects such as how to create an intro and outro, for DJs to play out live, and how to create a radio edit. This part consists out of 40 chapters, with a total runtime of 2hrs 7min.


Digital Music Masterclass Part 3

In this concluding part of the masterclass, Nicky shows you the difference between tracks that were mixed digitally to those mixed in analog. It’s really important to understand the essence of using analog gear/plugins while mixing and mastering records. The warmth, distortion, and clarity while using analog gear can’t be reproduced digitally, but there are some great plugins that can help you achieve a similar result. Furthermore, we will learn more about Nicky’s mixing & mastering process. As we enter the last and most important step of making a record, he will show you how to adjust & make tweaks to synths, automation, drums, and FX to provide your track the final touch. Every step of processing your instruments will be shown within this part. As the last addition to the finalization of the track, he will revisit the master chain to ensure all the issues are resolved and the track is ready to be bounced out. This part consists out of 55 chapters, with a total runtime of 2hrs 23min.



All three parts are available for $39.99 each that will grant you lifetime access to the course.



Nicky Romero x FaderPro Masterclass does a pretty decent job in explaining every single detail involved in the music production process of creating a hit song. Be it beginner or advanced, everyone will have something to take away from the masterclass. You can also scroll through some free clips on the platform before making a decision on the purchase. We would definitely recommend this to aspiring music producers looking to upgrade their skill set.



Take a closer look at the course itself down below:

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