AlphaTheta Locks Down Merger Between Pioneer DJ and Serato

Pioneer DJ is easily the first name that comes to mind when it comes to being the industry standard for DJ equipment in almost every club, festival, concert tour, and house party. For over over two decades, they have dominated the industry to a point where the use of their brand is more of an expectation among event organizers than a preference. Part of their success is largely due to their compatibility with Serato, on top of primarily being used with Rekordbox on most DJ systems. Thanks to AlphaTheta, this synergy will soon be even more impactful.


While both platforms have always come with their list of pros and cons, the story has always been that of a choice between the features that a DJ wants in their bag of tricks, and the ones they have to sacrifice. Serato comes with the unique advantage of featuring several types of music production software, including Studio, Sample, and Pitch ‘n Time. With the acquisition of Serato by AlphaTheta, these features, as well as several others could potentially be available for future use on all Pioneer devices. AlphaTheta’s President and CEO had similar remarks about the merger:


“I am delighted to announce the acquisition of Serato. Through extensive discussions within our company and with Serato’s management team, we have been exploring new ways to contribute to the industry. Bringing Serato into the AlphaTheta Group will lead to new synergies and significant technological innovations, adding continued value to the community.”


Throughout its 25-year history, Serato has always demonstrated its commitment to supporting everyone involved in the music production process. This commitment was reiterated by Young Ly, CEO of Serato, in a recent statement about their partnership with AlphaTheta:


“Serato has enjoyed a 25-year history of success that is driven by a single-minded focus on serving DJs, producers, and artists. We are incredibly proud of both the strength of our business as well as the community that surrounds our brand. Today, we are excited to deepen our long-standing partnership with AlphaTheta, accelerating how we create value for our users and the industry.”


Overall, AlphaTheta’s buyout of Serato marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the entertainment industry, as DJs and Producers alike will soon have an array of new technologies available on their favorite DJ equipment that will allow them to express their creativity in ways that were never thought possible before.


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Image credit: AlphaTheta