Pioneer unveil all-in-one DJ system, OPUS-QUAD

As a staple within the dance music community as the main equipment seen in clubs and across festival stages around the world, Pioneer is by far the premier manufacturer of DJ equipment.  Never content with their previous products, the designers at the company have once again looked to create a product that will serve the next generation of DJs around the world.

Looking to build upon Pioneer’s already stellar collection of equipment, the all-new OPUS-QUAD looks to improve upon previous features of past products, while offering DJs a new set of tools to help curate their sets.  One of the key features of the new mixer is the 4-deck playback ability, allowing for the use of all four at once, and a color-coded visual on the unit’s single screen.  The screen also will showcase the new library visual, helping to make searching for tracks easier than ever, no matter the size of the library.  With the ability to search quickly via the touch screen and Smart Rotary Selector joystick, DJs can even preview tracks while they browse their folders.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and unique features of the new OPUS-QUAD is the zone output function that allows DJs to cater to different rooms at the same time.  As stated by Pioneer, the feature means “you could connect a phone to the unit via Bluetooth and set a playlist of background music to play quietly in a bar area or second room where people are socializing while you mix tracks from a USB device in the main room.”  This certainly makes for incredible versatility and control from the mixer, especially when occupying unique spaces and multiple-room venues.  Other unique updates come from the new layout, which moves the 8-cue buttons above the jog wheel. while also updating the main “cue” button so it is easier to update cue points on the fly.

Pioneer has once again created a piece of equipment to meet the needs of DJs of all levels and abilities with their brand-new OPUS-QUAD.

Image Credit: Pioneer

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