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Best Plugin Sales for Music Producers: June 2023

As the music production industry continues to evolve and push creative boundaries, having access to high-quality plugins is more crucial than ever. In this monthly roundup, we bring you a curated selection of the most enticing plugin deals and discounts available, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest tools to enhance your music production workflow. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, join us as we explore the top plugin sales for June 2023, guaranteed to inspire and elevate your productions to new heights.


Baby Audio BA-1 Sale

BA-1 by Baby Audio is a virtual synthesizer that pays homage to a portable 1980s synth with a charming toy-like appearance and a gritty, distinctive sound. Despite its modest size, this synth made a significant impact on the music scene while remaining somewhat underappreciated. It has been a secret weapon for crafting bubbly synth textures by successful Swedish pop producers over the past two decades. Additionally, it found a place in the digital dancehall of the 1990s and was adored by the indietronica community for its raw and lo-fi qualities. The original synth, known as the ‘CS01,’ has never been faithfully captured in software form until now. Baby Audio embarked on their first-ever synth endeavor by starting with this iconic inspiration. The plugin is available for 50% off for a limited time.


LALAL.AI [Special Feature]

LALAL.AI is an advanced vocal remover and music source separation service that revolutionizes the process of stem extraction. With its precise and seamless approach, LALAL.AI allows users to effortlessly extract vocals, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks from audio files while maintaining the original quality. Users can begin with a complimentary trial to explore the capabilities of LALAL.AI and later choose to upgrade for enhanced file processing and faster results. The service offers different packages, including Lite, Pro, and Plus, each with specific limits on minutes and upload sizes. Furthermore, LALAL.AI goes beyond stem extraction by introducing Voice Cleaner, a feature designed to eliminate background music and noise from voice recordings, addressing vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted sounds. The Pro Pack and Plus Pack can be availed for 50% off this month.


SSL Native Bus Compressor 2

The SSL G-Series center section bus compressor has long been hailed as a revered piece of gear, and now it is available as an SSL-designed native plugin. Renowned for its remarkable ability to enhance a mix and make it sound polished, the SSL Bus Compressor maintains the dynamic integrity of a mix even when using higher compression ratios. Although its interface appears simple, this compressor offers an impressive level of flexibility that engineers have come to appreciate over the years. The plugin version introduces additional features, including the option for dry/wet signal blending for parallel processing and a sidechain highpass filter to minimize low-end pumping. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with SSL 360 and can be controlled through compatible hardware surfaces such as the UC1 and UF8. Available now for just $29.99 after a hefty discount.


Universal Audio Summer Sale

Universal Audio delivers exceptional sonic tools that enhance creativity and production capabilities. With the summer sale, customers can enjoy significant discounts on their favorite plugins, making it the perfect time to expand their digital arsenal. Whether it’s vintage emulations, modern mixing tools, or powerful virtual instruments, Universal Audio’s sale provides an opportunity to acquire professional-grade plugins at more accessible prices. API Vision Channel Strip, Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb, Studer A800 Tape Recorder, API 2500 Bus Compressor, Pultec EQ Collection & more are available for up to 75% off this month.


Softube Volume 6 & Upgrades Intro Sale

Softube Volume 6 is a meticulously curated bundle of premium plugins that exemplify Softube’s renowned sound quality, all at a significantly reduced price compared to buying them individually. With savings of over $3,000, this bundle offers exceptional value. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading brands like Weiss, Summit Audio, Marshall, and Trident, the included plug-ins empower users to achieve their finest mixing and mastering results. Volume 6 covers all studio needs, providing impeccable sound quality across every aspect of the production process. The latest additions, such as Icons: The Compressor Collection and the British Class A Console Sound, showcase timeless character and iconic synthesizers. Additionally, new suites like Amp Room Marshall, Vintage, Metal, and Bass offer diverse options for amplification needs. Currently available for 30% off.


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Native Instruments ‘Summer Of Sound’ Sale

Native Instruments is one of the leading developers of innovative music production plugins, DJing software, and gear. With their cutting-edge products, Native Instruments pushes technological boundaries, allowing professionals and enthusiasts to explore new realms of creativity. Now, you can buy Native Instruments Plugins at a hefty discount for a limited time. The ‘Summer Of Sound’ sale, offers up to 73% off on popular Native Instruments products, including Reaktor 6, MASSIVE X, Guitar Rig 6 Pro, Traktor 3 Pro, and exciting upgrades.


Heavyocity Summer Sale

Heavyocity’s incredible summer sale is not worth missing out as you can save up to a whopping 75% off their extensive range of cutting-edge scoring tools, effects, Kontakt instruments, and Reaktor ensembles. With prices starting as low as £12.95 / $14.50, this limited-time offer presents an unbeatable opportunity to enhance your music production, sound design, and scoring projects without breaking the bank. Heavyocity’s renowned collection, known for its innovative and powerful sound content, can now be yours at a fraction of the regular price. Seize this chance to elevate your creative endeavors and grab these incredible deals while they last.


Moog Moogerfooger Effects Pedals Sale

Moogerfooger plugins are a modern reimagining of Moog’s legendary analog effects pedals, faithfully capturing their distinctive tone, musicality, and interconnectivity. Now is the perfect time to enhance your digital music production environment with these renowned plugins, as each individual plugin is available at a remarkable 50% discount throughout June. Read an in-depth review of the Moogerfooger bundle here.

That’s all for our best plugin sales for music producers: June 2023 edition. We’ll keep you updated as new deals pop up so make sure to check this list regularly!

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