PSI Audio will introduce 2 new speakers at NAMM 2023

Just like any other year, PSI introduces new studio monitors that are scheduled for release later this year. The Swiss manufacturer, PSI Audio, will be showcasing new products during this year’s NAMM show. It concerns 2 brand-new studio monitors and a display of their famous active bass trap. Down below you’ll find all of the information about these products.


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NAMM 2023 will be held on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April in the Anaheim Convention Center, California. As usual, all of the large manufacturers of music production gear will showcase new tools for 2023. PSI Audio is also included in this year’s show and they’re planning to showcase 2 new products. The company, based in Switzerland, will be stationed at booth number 15102, hosted by Eleven Dimensions Media.

Products presented:

This 3-way studio monitor is the little brother of the A25-M monitor, holding onto the same precision and power but in a smaller version. Analog technology meets modern technology, through the implementation of the new midrange driver. When covering the technical details of this monitor they calibrated each speaker individually, including a frequency response sheet. Its frequency range will cover 34Hz up to 23 KHz and it holds onto a signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dBA. The dimensions (WxHxD) are 280 x 500 x 340 mm. This studio monitor is perfectly suitable for recording/producing, mixing, mastering, broadcasting, post-production, and home listening. This version is available in Studio Red, Metal Black, or Pure White and comes with a 5 years warranty.


This monitor is quoted as the definitive near-field monitor for music production. PSI Audio: ‘Powerful for its size, it delivers an uncompromised quality in term of stereo image, low end control and transparency all over the bandwidth.’ It’s a 2-way studio monitor that’s holding onto a frequency range from 44Hz up to 23 KHz. Its circuitry is 100% analog, displays a perfect stereo image, and includes class A/B amplifiers that are handmade in Switzerland. It holds onto a signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dBA, and a crossover frequency of 3500 Hz. The dimensions (WxHxD) are 200 x 320 x 230 mm. This monitor is most suitable for recording/producing and mixing. Just like the A23-M monitor, you can choose between the Studio Red, Metal Black, and Pure White colors. A warranty of 5 years is included.


Furthermore, you will get the chance to hear the effect of the popular active bass trap. The AVAA C20 is stated as efficient as passive absorbers 25 times its size, reducing resonance time by a maximum of 50% between 15 Hz and 150 Hz. PSI Audio will be showcasing the product in the US for the first time at NAMM, so be sure to not miss out!


More information can be found here.


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Image Credits: PSI Audio (press)

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