r-loops waverunner bundle 2023

R-Loops offering high quality Waverunner loop bundles for producers

As a leader in music production samples and loops, the team at R-Loops is always working to create high-quality tools and assets for producers of all levels and genres.  Now they have created three tiers of their Waverunner bundles with up to 40 samples per pack to help inspire and bring to life new productions at a great price.

Want to take your music to the next level? Get professional bundles tailored to your needs and create beautiful music! You have 3 sets to choose from! All in excellent sound drill, soul trap and trap! Starter in which you will find 10 Sample Packs. Loaded, where there are as many as 20 products included! And the biggest, full of sounds and inspiration for the next hits – Ultimate Bundle – 40 products from Blvckout! And all this to choose from with an epic discount!

With three tiers of products available, R-Loops has created a comprehensive of sounds that will surely inspire and help elevate productions while saving time and energy that would normally go into trying to create these sounds from scratch.  Beginning with the Starter Bundle, which is currently selling for 94% off the retail price, making it just $11.99, it offers 10 Drill/Trap sample packs and 50 Construction Kits (Midi/WAV).

The Loaded Bundle is the next tier up, and is currently just $15.99, offering a 96% savings from its retail price.  This level contains all the content of the Starter Bundle, plus additional content totaling 20 Drill/Trap sample packs and 100 Construction Kits (Midi/WAV).  Finally, the Ultimate Bundle contains all the content of the smaller packages, and doubles it, offering 40 Drill/Trap sample packs and 400 Construction Kits (Midi/WAV).  Currently on sale for just $24.99, this is a steal marked down 97% from its normal retail price of $802.60.

These incredible savings won’t last forever, so whether you’re a hip-hop and R&B producer, or just looking to add some of that style and flair to your own productions, it would be a good time to check out the Waverunner bundles at R-Loops.


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image credits: R-loops


Image credit: R-Loops

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