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reference 2 by mastering the mix

REFERENCE 2 helps you improve your mixes instantly with reference tracks

Plugin manufacturer Mastering The Mix in November 2020 released their latest mixing & mastering utility VST plugin called ‘Reference 2’. With its immaculate ability to help you in achieving cleaner mixes easily, the plugin has received support from artists such as Nicky Romero.


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Reference 2 allows you to compare your track with your reference tracks. Load up to 12 reference tracks within the plugin and through its several features, you’ll be able to get as close as possible to your references. The large visual screen will display the waveform of your references, and through the level match feature, it automatically matches the volume to your original track. Switch between your track and the references through its large buttons and control the LUFS volumes with the large gain sliders on each side. The ‘Trinity Display‘ is functioning as an EQ which will help you to compare the stereo width and the frequency balance of your track to the references. Click anywhere on the trinity display and it will be functioning as a multiband EQ, as it creates several bands for you. Last but not least, they implemented an additional tool, called REFSEND, to bypass complete FX chains in order to make a fair comparison.


Reference 2 is currently available at a price of £49.00. The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats, for both Mac and Windows. Referencing tracks is an excellent way to improve your mixes and with the astounding number of features you get with Reference 2, it’s definitely worth the buck.



Take a closer look at the plugin itself:


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Image Credit: Mastering The Mix


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