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Review: Goodhertz Wow Control

Goodhertz Wow Control Plugin draws its inspiration from the “Wow & Flutter” section from the famously known Vulf Compressor. This plugin emulates the oddities of analog tape and adds a unique flavor to your mixdowns. In this article, we’ll go through what this plugin has to offer.



In this plugin by Goodhertz you can choose from three different tape modes, 15 ips, 7.5 ips, and Cassette. Each has its own EQ curve and saturation characteristics as well as a lot of other parameters to tweak. You also get the option to fabricate settings such as Wow and Flutter, Rate, Speed, Shape, Analog, and a couple of more in the advanced section.

  • Wow and Flutter is repeating, gradual pitch shifts where the wow repeats slowly and the flutter repeats more quickly. Together, they create a wobbly feel that is more expressive and less mechanical than traditional modulation effects.
  • Rate determines how the wow speed is set and the options here are BPM or Hz.
  • Speed Controls the wow & flutter speed in Hz.
  • Shape adjusts the depth of the wow & flutter modulation where 0% is no modulation and 100% is maximum modulation.
  • Analog comes with four different options to choose from, On/Off, Analog Color which controls the amount of analog-modeled coloration of the frequency spectrum and Analog Saturation which controls the amount of analog-modeled saturation.

This plugin also includes a lot of presets that can be a good choice to play around with to get a sense of what’s going on when all the knobs shift. This plug-in is incredibly musical and is very analog-like.


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Goodhertz Wow Control plugin is priced at $129. 


This plugin is a great tool for someone who wants to experiment with different characters in their production or just straight away wants to add some good old analog characters to their sounds. We would gladly recommend you to give this plugin by Goodhertz a try.


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Image credits: Goodhertz