Samples from Mars

Samples from Mars celebrates 10 years with a massive sale

The team at Samples from Mars prides itself on crafting some of the most authentic and highest-quality audio samples available today. Relying upon the best recording tools available, the team has now spent a decade honing their skill and cataloging a wide range of instruments for users around the world.

As producers, engineers, and other creators continue to spend more time producing from laptops and the comfort of their homes, or any space they can comfortably relax, the need for high-quality samples has risen as more and more individuals don’t have access to their own studio space or the necessary instruments for their projects. Samples from Mars is one of the many companies that fill that void, investing in the studio space, engineers, and recording tools necessary to properly capture a wide variety of instruments and sounds. Read a message from the company regarding the joy of spending the last decade honing their craft and cataloging their vast library of sounds:

All the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 10 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (often rare and vintage) drum machines, synthesizers, custom vinyl, and more. Recorded through some of the best recording equipment in the world, all of our samples feature 100% hardware processing – no plugins. And every sample has been painstakingly mapped for various types of software and hardware. We craft everything by hand in our studio.

In recognition of 10 years in business, Samples from Mars are extending the celebration and savings to users, offering a mind-blowing 97% reduction in the price of everything they offer now through August 18th at 5 pm EST. Just to give an idea of how incredible this sale is, they are offering everything they have ever sampled, an incredible 60 GB of samples, covering 74 sample packs, for just $59, slashed from the normal price of $1999.00. Again, that sale ends on August 18th so head over to Samples from Mars now and grab some high quality sounds today.

Image Credit: Samples from Mars

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