Solid State Logic UF1 DAW

Solid State Logic has launched its UF1 DAW Control Centre

The designers and manufacturers at Solid State Logic continue to look forward, offering producers and engineers high-quality sound and audio gear for nearly every scenario imaginable.  Now the company is expanding its line-up of DAW controllers with the release of a brand new, single-fader option for producers.

With a long history of high-quality production control products, including the now legendary SSL 4000E console, Solid State Logic is looking to continue to evolve with the music industry, looking to create new controls and consoles that better adapt to modern technology and the ever-growing number of home studios.  With these considerations in mind, they have crafted incredible options such as the UF8 and UC1, as well as the newly launched UF1 control center.  The single-fader panel allows producers to control pans, sends, plug-ins, and more, while also offering a 100 mm motorized fader, weighted jog wheel, rubberized keys, and two high-resolution displays.  Discussing the offering, Andy Jackson, SSL Studio Senior Product Manager, stated:

Intelligent or ‘advanced workflow’ as we call it, has always been at the core of our product design. UF1 is no different – we have once again raised the bar on what is possible to keep artists, producers and engineers in the zone while working on in-the-box productions or in a hybrid environment. Featuring expansive functionality and flexibility, UF1 offers performance never seen before in a controller of this size and when combined with UF8 and UC1, presents an extremely powerful virtual SSL Console.

Packaged in a durable metal chassis, the UF1 is a great way for any producer or engineer to improve their workflow and get the feel of a classic studio with a fraction of the cost and space needed.  The Solid State Logic UF1 is available now for $699.99 and would make a solid edition to any studio set-up.

Image Credit: Solid State Logic

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