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Top 10 Soul & RnB Sample Packs in 2023

Finding high-quality soul and R&B samples can be tedious for producers looking to add vintage flair to their beats. Digging through dusty records to isolate the perfect melodic riff or drum hit takes time. That’s where specialized soul and R&B sample packs come in handy. By sampling and curating sounds from iconic soul and R&B records, these packs offer producers a shortcut to the building blocks of soulful hip-hop production. In this article, we list the top soul and R&B sample packs currently available. Whether seeking melodic chops, vinyl breaks, live licks, or retro drum hits, these collections provide producers with professionally sampled content to craft vintage-style beats with ease. We cover both breadth and specialty packs to suit different production needs and styles.


Top 10 Soul & RnB Sample Packs

1. Bedroom Soul 2 on WAVS 

2. Soul Hip Hop by Ghosthack

3. Cole Beats – Hip Hop Trap Soul/R&B Lofi (Midi Files – wav)

4. RnB Vocals by Image Sounds

5. Reel People Present Soul Vocals

6. Smooth Keys 2

7. Butter – Modern Soul & RnB

8. Noir Keys

9. Believer by GHST PRJKT

10. Down For You



WAVS Bedroom Soul 2 – Subscription Based

S. Lyre takes bedroom production to the next level with Bedroom Soul 2, his latest collection of soulful samples and loops. With 10-track ideas containing both full mixes and customizable stem bounces, this pack goes beyond just loops. The sounds have a unique blend of soul, R&B, and experimental flair, all originally produced by S. Lyre. Users get bonus one-shot drums, basslines, and more to flip and remix. Overall, Bedroom Soul 2 provides high-quality, original soul samples crafted with a DIY ethos – perfect for lo-fi and experimental beatmakers seeking inspiration.



Soul Hip Hop by Ghosthack – €29.95

With over 1GB of content, Ghosthack’s Soul Hip Hop pack offers producers vintage-inspired sounds for crafting soulful beats. The expansive library contains emotional keys, smooth basslines, and crisp drum hits provided in both layered loops and customizable one-shots. From hi-hats and snares to full drum and keys loops with removable stems, these retro samples give producers detailed control when remixing. Whether seeking vintage grit or modern polish, these soulful gems will inspire hip-hop, neo-soul, and chillout producers alike. The high-quality loops skip the crate digging and provide an expressive sonic palette to jumpstart soul-infused productions in any style.



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Cole Beats – Hip Hop Trap Soul/R&B Lofi (Midi Files – wav) – £17.90

Inspired by J Cole’s mellow style, Cole Beats packs nearly 500MB of lo-fi hip-hop samples spanning hazy Rhodes, smooth basslines, vinyl crackle, and lush vocal chops. Over 180 wav files provide building blocks for chillout beats through an expansive sonic palette including keys, brass, strings, drums, and more. 32 MIDI files allow producers to craft their own melodies while 41 drum loops and one demo track make mixing seamless soul-tinged vibes easy. Whether flipping MPC-style beats or crafting down-tempo compositions, Cole Beats supplies the dusty analog feels for lo-fi hip hop in the vein of J Cole.



RnB Vocals by Image Sounds – $42.03

Channeling The Weeknd’s moody aesthetics, RnB Vocals delivers soulful vocal performances to elevate modern R&B and pop productions. The evocative songwriting covers contemporary themes with organic phrasing and the occasional adlib. Available in multiple tempos, this emotional mid-tempo and heartfelt ballad melodies slot seamlessly into tracks as catchy top lines. With comprehensive key details and pre-mixed processing, the intuitive vocal loops enable quick arrangement of complete songs or chopped pop hooks. Recorded cleanly in pro studios, RnB Vocals provides inspiring vocal samples to catalyze songwriters looking for contemporary R&B flair.



Reel People Present Soul Vocals – $31.83

Soul Vocals from Loopmasters and Reel People delivers uplifting, smoothed-out vocal hooks to enrich deep house, R&B, hip-hop and more. Recorded at Reel People’s pro studio, the royalty-free pack includes 14 construction kits with lead, harmony, and ad-lib vocal loops from male and female pro singers. The multi-track sessions come in multiple keys and tempos, providing songwriting inspiration or readymade catchy tops. Crisp recording quality shines through on these feel-good soul vocal loops. From laidback male leads to sultry female adlibs, Soul Vocals brings positive summer vibes and vocal diversity for crafting soul-drenched anthems.



Smooth Keys 2 – $19.07

Smooth Keys 2 from Frontline Producer delivers laidback keys bassing in vintage funk and neo-soul vibes. Recorded crisply at 44.1kHz, the pack includes dreamy rhodes, classic organ, and piano loops reminiscent of Dam-Funk or Kamasi Washington. The languid 60-108BPM tempos and myriad MIDI options make tweaking nu-soul jams easy. Overall, Smooth Keys 2 provides organic melodic loops with tons of tonal character to lend future R&B, chill-hop, or lo-fi house tracks irresistible retro finesse. From funky organs to mellow electric keys, this 327MB collection adds an easygoing musicality perfect for cosmic hip-hop and down-tempo moods.



Butter – Modern Soul & RnB – $25.45

Blending vintage soul with futuristic synth textures, this pack delivers silky smooth R&B ingredients. Analog synths mingle with rich electric bass and mellow guitars for a contemporary, neo-soul vibe. Live-played drums provide organic, flowing grooves while airy keys capture a jazz-inspired mood. It’s a lush sonic palette fit for forward-thinking R&B in the vein of Thundercat and The Internet. From warm chord progressions to punchy drum loops, these soulful sounds fuse the familiar and innovative. Subtle tape effects add vintage polish. Whether seeking to evoke nostalgia or modernity, this pack creates rich sonic foundations for nu-soul productions.



Noir Keys – $ 19.99

Noir Keys provides cinematic, neo-noir piano textures for scoring ominous scenes or adding intrigue to tracks. Using analog processing and guitar pedals, the pack captures 15 rare dark piano compositions with vintage film vibes. Majestic yet unsettling, the processed keys build atmospheric tension through distorted tones and ethereal sustain. Ranging from brooding melodies to dissonant prepared piano, each moody loop brings distinctive sonic character to productions. For hip-hop to electronic music, Noir Keys delivers 173MB of shadowy piano loops to lend any genre cinematic drama and suspenseful intrigue.




Believer by GHST PRJKT – $ 19.99

Believer captures Justin Bieber’s talent for blending R&B, lo-fi, and pop into catchy tracks with help from iconic producers. This 878MB pack offers loops, MIDI, one-shots, and Pigments presets to recreate Bieber’s flawless contemporary style. Acoustic guitars, electric keys, smooth synths, and tight drum samples provide melodic and rhythmic ingredients for pop anthems. From bass plucks to lead presets, pad textures, and full song kits, Believer delivers versatile sounds curated in the spirit of Bieber’s Changes. Whether you’re a Belieber or not, this pack inspires accessible pop productions with the polish of pros behind the boards.



Down For You – $38.21

Down For You from Producer Loops provides silky R&B-pop ingredients for crafting radio-ready anthems. This smooth pack features full instrumental construction kits blended with female top-line vocals heard in the demo. The contemporary melodies and lyrics capture the essence of today’s trap-infused, beat-driven pop&B. With rich one-shot drums for custom beats and unlimited commercial rights, Down For You inspires soul-drenched pop productions. Its pro-quality song starters and vocal hooks skip writer’s block. For producers seeking current-sounding, emotion-filled pop with an R&B edge, Down For You delivers.





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