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Soundtoys announce SuperPlate Reverb Plugin

Soundtoys, a prominent developer of professional audio effects plugins, has introduced its latest product, SuperPlate, at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. The highly anticipated plugin is set to be released in Spring 2023 and emulates the tonal character of five classic electromechanical plate reverbs without the weight and massive investment of the originals.


SuperPlate boasts advanced algorithms that capture a level of unmatched realism and versatility, creating luscious and immersive effects. The plug-in includes meticulous models of the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units, as well as three different flavors of analog coloration, which can be used in combination with any of SuperPlate’s styles.


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Soundtoys has incorporated a range of modern digital features, including infinite decay time, built-in pre-delay, expanded modulation controls, full-featured EQ for detailed tonal shaping, and a unique decay ducking option that adjusts decay time to avoid overlap or masking.


Ken Bogdanowicz, CEO and lead designer at Soundtoys, spoke about the development of SuperPlate. “We always try to take our effects beyond simple emulations, and with SuperPlate, I feel like we found the perfect balance. It sounds great, and it’s fun and easy to use.


SuperPlate is also integrated into Effect Rack with a suite of new presets, providing users with even more power to create complex soundscapes, unique textures, and dynamic sonic movements. The plug-in can be added to the Effect Rack plug-in for $59, while the Soundtoys 5.4 bundle, which includes SuperPlate, will be available for $499 MSRP, or as an upgrade from Soundtoys 5.3 to 5.4 for $59.


Upon release, SuperPlate will be sold individually for $149 MSRP, or as a trade-up from Little Plate to SuperPlate for $59. With its limitless versatility, SuperPlate is set to be a go-to reverb effect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. More info here.


Image credits: Soundtoys

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