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Splice CEO discusses current trends in music creation

For years now, Splice has played a pivotal role in music creation, offering artists access to hundreds of thousands of samples and vocal toplines to help inspire and elevate projects. Now the company’s CEO discusses the evolving trends of music production, the use of samples, and how artificial intelligence is being utilized within the industry.

The company’s CEO, Kakul Srivastava, sat down with Joe Sparrow on the Music Ally podcast where she talked about current trends in music production and where she believes the industry is heading:

“You talked about hip-hop and the early beginnings of sampling,” she tells Sparrow, “it’s just how people create now. It’s become mainstream and it’s definitely gone past those initial genres to every genre. If you look at someone like Taylor Swift and folk music or Americana or country and the use of samples in all of these things that were not traditionally sample-based music genres. It’s part of how music is done and we don’t see that slowing down. In fact, we see it accelerating. For that same reason it was used in hip-hop, it just makes music creation that much more fun – that much more accessible.”

As the conversation continued, the two discussed the growing use of artificial intelligence and the role of platforms such as Splice’s new CoSo application and how it can assist in the writing process. While Srivastava is keen on utilizing the technology to help foster creations, she was careful to point out some of the pitfalls of AI and areas that are still a cause for concern:

“We talk about authenticity, and we can also talk about provenance.” She says. “Where did the sound come from? Who created it? Are we appropriately being respectful to the genre and the artist? Appropriation is a big thing in the industry, so how are making sure we’re doing right and doing the fair thing for the artists and making sure that artists are being compensated. For many people in this rush to get to this ‘AI future’, they’re ignoring that part.”

It seems clear that the team at Splice has a keen eye on these evolving trends and looks to be a part of the solution as artists and creators continue to adapt to changing technology.

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