SSL G3 MultiBusComp

SSL transforms Iconic G-Series Bus Compressor into Multiband Plugin

Solid State Logic (SSL), known for high-end analog gear, has released the G3 MultiBusComp plugin – a multiband take on their legendary bus compressor. By splitting the processing into three frequency bands, SSL aims to bring the classic “SSL punch and glue” to a new level of versatility.


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The G3 MultiBusComp divides the low, mid, and high frequencies into independently adjustable bands, each with a full set of bus compressor controls. This includes threshold, ratio, attack, release, and makeup gain to precisely shape the compression behavior across the frequency spectrum. Further flexibility comes from individual enable/disable switches on each band, external sidechain options per band, and crossover frequency selection between bands. Users can drive the input to add distortion, blending it in with the dry signal using the mix control. A full equalizer rounds out the processing options on a per-band basis.


With features like headphone monitoring, gain reduction metering, and output level control, the G3 MultiBusComp provides the functionality of high-end hardware in a streamlined plug-in. Presets give starting points for applications like bus glue, de-essing, and multi-band limiting. The company says the G3 MultiBusComp will be a “must-have” for audio professionals, delivering the immersive analog sound SSL is renowned for. As a creative twist on dynamics processing, it brings SSL’s flagship bus compressor into the modern age of production.


At $199.99, the G3 MultiBusComp provides multi-band control of SSL’s signature punch and glue.



Have a look at the plugin down below:

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Image Credits: SSL 

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