Steinberg MPEG-H Audio

Steinberg announces that upcoming Nuendo releases will support MPEG-H Audio

Steinberg, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of sound and audio equipment, has announced plans to further push the boundaries of its products by further integrating the MPEG-H Audio as developed by the FraunhoferInstitute for Integrated Circuits IIS.  The German manufacturer plans to develop its Nuendo production suite further to support the audio system in all future releases.

The development of MPEG-H Audio by the FraunhoferInstitute is a step forward in the evolution of audio for those viewing television and streaming content.  Developed with the goal of control and an immersive experience, the new audio system allows users to customize their preferences, allowing for an increase in dialogue volume through a broadcast, while insuring a high-quality experience of all sonic components.  As this new technology gets further adapted in programming and homes around the globe, audio manufacturers like Steinberg are pushing forward to create products that help deliver this experience to consumers.

In an initial step forward in introducing MPEG-H Audio to a larger audience, Steinberg has revealed that all future releases of Nuendo, the company’s post-production suite, will now offer native support of the new audio platform.  With the new sound technology, users can “define sound sources that can move through a threedimensional space, just as they do in reality, which enables artists to fully realize their artistic vision.”

“We are excited to provide our users with the next global standard in audio personalization systems. MPEGH Audio takes the listening experience to a whole new level and will be seamlessly integrated with the next major release of Nuendo,” says Timo Wildenhain, Head of Professional Audio at Steinberg. “Our users are proud to be among the most innovative of their industries, and we want to enable them to effortlessly create immersive, personalized sound with their trusted DAW.”

This is a massive step forward for Steinberg as it looks to continue to be an industry leader in audio products and software.

Image Credit: Steinberg

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