The advantage of shifting to Discord

The downfall of many social media platforms has been going on for a while and that’s very noticeable among the users. The primary purpose of these platforms being built has evolved into a distanced individualism. Discord is promised to aim at non-hierarchical communities where we can all engage with each other. Let’s find out what Discord is promised to be and what we can expect.


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Discord started as an accessible chat platform for gamers to interact with each other across a variety of devices and consoles. Since COVID-19 struck the world, we had to find other ways of communication. Discord was one of the platforms that music insiders trustfully used for events and meetings. Nonother than Richie Hawtin, Fred Again, and Grimes used it to their advantage, through screen sharing and live streaming. As it started to attract a larger audience, the whole concept of gamers only started to fade. Different industries are starting to build their community through Discord and you as an artist, musician, or sound engineer can be part of this too.


Just like other platforms such as Reddit and Telegram, you have to be invited to a certain group to interact with people. These closed communities prevent everyone from joining the group without the right intention. The difference between other platforms and Discord is the intention of a genuine community where every voice will be heard. Most of the groups are filled with a fairly smaller amount of people, making it easier for users to join the topic’s discussion/meeting.


If interested in hosting your community, we would suggest you to starting building across other platforms. Discord isn’t a platform such as Instagram where millions of people are online every minute. You have to attract people to the platform. Once you’ve built your trustful community elsewhere you can promote your own Discord server. Relevance is key to maintaining your community. Invite special guests to your server, allow topic requests, touch different side subjects, or host exclusive events outside of Discord. As long as you keep in mind to come up with new ideas to maintain a strong community.


As an artist, you can take benefits from the platform by getting in contact with the right people within the industry. Once building a network of other artists, A&Rs, managers, and label owners you can attend meetings and discuss important topics relating to the overall music industry or even your own career. Many physical meetings are being rescheduled due to tours throughout the year and of course, the summer season, but the simplicity and workflow of the platform allows you to start a meeting within seconds all around the world. If invited to a certain group chat, you have the advantage to save the other’s contact information which is crucial for your career. As mentioned above, you can also host your own community and discuss topics relating to your music, your progress, and important announcements. Fan engagement gets a boost because every member is more involved in what is being discussed. Joining or hosting Discord servers can be set up easily by anyone using a Discord account.


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