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Toontrack EZkeys 2: Revolutionizing Piano Plugin for Songwriters and Producers

Toontrack has just released EZkeys 2, a revolutionary software that goes beyond being a mere tool. It serves as a comprehensive songwriting tool and a creative hub for generating new musical ideas. With its fully resizable interface, innovative features like Bandmate and Tap2Find, a versatile grand piano sound library, and an extensive MIDI library covering various genres and playing styles, EZkeys 2 offers a unique take on effortlessly writing, playing, and creating captivating piano tracks. Explore more about EZKeys 2 down below.


EZkeys 2 introduces Bandmate, a groundbreaking feature that generates chords and grooves based on your own audio or MIDI input. Simply drop your audio or MIDI into the Bandmate and witness as EZkeys 2 lists the best piano matches to accompany your tracks. It’s like having a virtual band member who anticipates your musical needs.


The onboard grid editor is a powerful tool in itself, offering humanization, scale matching, and timing features, among others. It provides the flexibility to fine-tune your performances with precision. Furthermore, the Tap2Find feature allows you to get grooves based on the rhythm and notes you input, offering instant inspiration and endless possibilities.


EZkeys 2 comes loaded with an all-new grand piano sound library that has been meticulously recorded using a wide range of microphones and ambiences. This core sound library provides unparalleled versatility and playability, ensuring that you achieve the perfect piano sound for any genre or style. In addition, EZkeys 2 offers mix-ready presets that cover a broad range of musical styles and sounds, making it easy to find the right tone for your compositions.


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But the creative potential doesn’t stop there. EZkeys 2 includes an extensive MIDI library featuring over 1,350 individually played MIDI files performed by professional piano players. The MIDI files are categorized into separate folders for riffs, arpeggios, and ostinatos, covering various musical genres including ballads, pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and more. With different time signatures and feels, such as 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and swing, you’ll find a wealth of musical inspiration and songwriting ideas at your fingertips.


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Another standout feature is the Suggest Chords function, which is perfect for those moments when inspiration is elusive. Simply select a style or feel, and EZkeys 2 will generate a musical chord progression for you. It’s like having a virtual co-writer who can effortlessly come up with fresh ideas to jumpstart your creativity. This feature is particularly useful for musicians who may not have extensive theoretical knowledge or are looking for a quick burst of inspiration.


Additionally, EZkeys 2 introduces an innovative business model that includes the core sound library, providing immediate access to a stunningly captured Fazioli F212 grand piano. Recorded at Riksmixningsverket Studio in Stockholm using top-quality microphones and ambiences, this sound library offers an incredible level of realism and sonic versatility. Whether you’re after a delicate and intimate piano sound or a powerful and resonant tone, the core sound library in EZkeys 2 delivers the goods.


Fazioli F212 grand piano

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Beyond its impressive features and vast library of sounds and MIDI, EZkeys 2 offers unparalleled editing and arranging capabilities, giving you total creative control over your compositions. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or adding finishing touches to a finished track, EZkeys 2 is designed to be the go-to staple in your creative toolset.



Toontrack EZKeys 2 is currently priced at 179 Euros and the upgrade version from EZKeys 1 costs 99 Euros.


Image credits: Toontrack