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Top 11 High-Quality Sound Packs in 2023

Looking for a fresh sound to load into your DAW or sampler? Is the thought of searching thousands of sounds to find that one perfect kick or synth already making you tired? Less time wasted on searching means more time laying tracks. That’s why we’ve collected the top 11 high-quality sound packs in 2022 (so far) for you to check out.

As we always say, don’t mess around with non copyright music. If you want to publish your tracks online and make money from them, you don’t want to get into trouble for hidden copyright issues on your loops and samples. All 11 packs in this article are available for purchase online with full licensing and royalty-free.


Top 11 Sound packs


1. Production Music Live Everything Bundle

Production Music Live is an amazing marketplace if you are a house/techno music producer. The everything bundle includes all their existing products as well as you get access to upcoming products as soon as they launch. Includes 41 full-length online courses covering Ableton Live, Sound Design, Music Theory, Producing Tracks Start to Finish and More! The sample packs include 80+ Fully Produced Ableton Project Files, 15+ Artist/”In The Style” Sound Packs, 11000+ Samples, 3500+ Presets for Various Synths, 1500+ Midi Files & Song Starters.


2. Ultimate Essential Bundle – by Ghosthack

This comprehensive package contains 9 diverse libraries that cater to all types of electronic music genres. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced musician, it’s an excellent addition to your collection. With over 2,300 distinct samples, all of which are free of royalties, this package is priced at €24.00. It is our top recommendation for independent sample packs for music producers in 2023.


3. Power Tools Sample Pack II – By Oliver

Winner of the 2020 Splice Awards for best sound design and most downloaded pack (+1M downloads!), Oliver’s second volume of his Power Tools series will kick your seat from under you. The sound pack contains 451 loops and 260 one-shots, ranging from industrial to soul, hip-hop, lo-fi, and retro.


4. Billie 3 – By 2Deep Beats

Billie 3 has been the number 1 selling sound pack on Producer Loops for quite a few weeks now, and for good reason. This is 2DEEP’s third installment of their unique sound collection of hits, loops, and construction kits inspired by Billie Eilish. Dark-mood instrumentals accompanied by sweet vocals, just like Billie!


5. Techno Megapack 2 – By Unity Samples

If you’re looking for crisp-clear and delicious techno sounds, Unity Samples’ second Techno Megapack is hard to beat. The pack contains 3086 high-quality samples of kicks, percussion, loops, and vocals by D-Unity and Dino Maggiorana. At the time of writing, this pack was discounted 80% so… just get it!



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6. Ultimate Lo-Fi Bundle – By Ghosthack

Planning on cooking up some sweet lo-fi? Ghosthack’s Ultimate Lo-Fi bundle is your one-stop pack with more than 1,100 loops, drums, vocals, and one-shots.


7. Chime & Ace Aura – Melodic Riddim I – By Disciple Samples

For your next dubstep project, Chime and Ace Aura offer some seriously out-of-this-world sounds. Includes 345 loops and 1259 one-shots. Wicked!


8. Keys and Strings Volume 2 – Ghosthack 

A collection of 420 live orchestral sounds are included in this 1.23GB-sized sample pack. Add imperfection, warmth, depth, and instant emotion to your productions while scrolling through numerous piano samples, string samples, and full ensemble loops. This second volume is available for €29.95.



9. JazzHiphop – By Renegade Audio

If you’re looking to recreate the vibes of 90’s jazz and hip hop, then Renegade Audio’s sound pack will blow your mind. Check out the other packs by this label, too!


10. Acoustic Melodic House Themes – Production Music Live

Orchestral Samples made a sample pack for Melodic House / Techno Producers. Highly versatile songstarter pack that will improve the way you make music!



11. Amanda Wilson: House & Disco Vocals – By Loopmasters

Lay soulful house and disco tracks with breathtaking vocals by top dance music sensation Amanda Wilson. A club fest of 156 royalty-free powerful female vocal loops.


Image Credit: Akin on Unsplash

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