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Ultimate Producer introduces Balancing Channels to help you improve your mixdowns instantly

Balancing the volume of the elements in your mix is crucial, as it is one of the key factors that distinguish mixdowns of amateur and professional music producers & mixing engineers. It’s important to have the right speakers, audio interfaces, or headphones to rely on, but the most important thing to develop is your ears. You’ll be making decisions based on what you hear. Ear Training is extremely important when it comes to improving mixdowns. Ultimate Producer recently introduced their newest course called Balancing Channels, which will help you achieve a professional-sounding balance. You can try the challenge below:



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Tom Frampton, a mixing & mastering engineer having worked alongside artists like David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Tiësto is the mastermind behind this course. Tom also shared his views on why he started this course:

Hearing the music-related struggles expressed by my clients, customers and readers has positioned me perfectly to uncover the best ways to help people create better-sounding mixes’.


Balancing Channels is a hands-on experience where you’ll be balancing 12 different songs ranging from rock, pop, house, and hip hop. You’ll be presented with a song that is unbalanced and through 5 faders you can restore the balance. Control the bass, drum tops, kick, audio effects, music, and vocals to get as close as possible to the professional result made by Tom. After submitting your mix, your balance will be scored out of 100 and decided if you succeeded, have to restart the level or train with Pro-Mix. This course will be really effective and will develop your ears as a mixing engineer.

Ultimate Producer’s Balancing Channels is an easy and fun way to improve your balances. It is available at a price of $37 USD where you’ll receive unique personalized feedback on your balances and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try balancing channels out for free through the button down below.


Take a closer look at the course itself:

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