vocal freeze

Vocal Freeze: A game changing Time-Lapse effect plugin

Vocal Freeze is a one-of-a-kind effect plugin that offers an extremely unique sound processing experience. Vocal Freeze harnesses the power of perpetually scanning high-rate FFT technology to create a time-lapse effect, allowing users to freeze any sound, voice, or instrument and preserve its spectral brilliance.



Vocal Freeze works like capturing a mesmerizing time-lapse of sound, freezing it in its tracks, and then effortlessly navigating through a cascade of interconnected effects to create something truly extraordinary. One of the standout features of Vocal Freeze is its simplicity. With just a single master knob, users can activate all freeze and effect functions, streamlining the entire process and allowing musicians to focus on their creative vision without getting lost in complex controls.


Vocal Freeze also boasts an impressive auto-record functionality. Each freeze generates a synchronized and named audio file, making it incredibly easy to integrate the frozen sounds into any digital audio workstation (DAW). Artists can effortlessly drag and drop these files from their desktops, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow throughout the creative process.


But it doesn’t stop there—Vocal Freeze offers a rich tapestry of incredible textures that can be seamlessly woven into your music. By feeding a voice or instrument into the device and selectively freezing moments, musicians can instantly add perfectly fitted textures that enhance the overall composition. The device comes equipped with powerful effects like Cristalise, Radian, and FFT Comb, which allow you to transform any noisy noise into a sharp, crystal-clear sound or even create robotic effects that add a unique touch to your music.


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With four freeze buffers, Vocal Freeze empowers users to experiment with sound rotation in perfect sync. This feature opens up new avenues for manipulating and controlling audio, allowing you to stop the sound at four different moments in time. The time gap control further enhances your creative toolkit, enabling you to create captivating sonic landscapes and explore uncharted sonic territories.


Vocal Freeze also puts the power of LFO control in your hands. You can take your frozen sounds to new heights with programmable graphical responses and easy accelerations. The device offers a wide range of options to shape your sound with precision, while the RMS auto control ensures that the high dynamics of your freezes are balanced flawlessly.


While the features may sound a little unheard of, the plugin is quite easy to use and delivers astounding results quickly.



The plugin is available for $79 and also has the option of a free trial.




Image credits: FKFX Audio