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Waves release new plugin for vocals, Harmony

Waves released the Waves Harmony plugin and it will make your life significantly easier as a producer. The company based in Israel is known for creating good-sounding, and professional plugins for a great price. The easy and intuitive workflow is now combined in one plugin to create amazing vocal harmonies and vocal FX. As most producers struggle to get a full-sounding vocal, Waves Harmony is designed to help you.


Waves Harmony is based on a harmony generator, where you can choose between 3 workflow options: Playable, Automatic, and Graphical / Visual.  The first workflow called “Playable” is great when you want to have full control. You can connect a MIDI generator or keyboard to the plugin and play the chords you want, to real-time harmonize your voice. This option also lets you select a key and scale, so you can`t play a wrong note. The second workflow is the “Automatic” one. Since the plugin can analyze the vocal pitch, you can generate your harmonies based on it and get much easier and quicker harmonies.


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The last mode is called the “Visual”, where you can draw your harmonies inside the plugin with an intuitive and self-explaining interface. Additionally, the plugin gives you the option to Pan, Format, and Level your vocal harmonies. This is a true enhancement in the studio. In addition to the 3 workflows, you can use the plugin also as a creative vocal FX palette in your mixes. Layering stacks of vocals is achieved just with Waves Harmony and you can even get doubling effects. Creative FX, like Delays, Voicing, and modulated melodies are also included within and help you to do all the processing in one plugin since a big vocal production can be very CPU intensive and a heavy workload for your DAW.


Get Waves Harmony now and create stunning vocal productions and great vocal FX all in one plugin. Available via Waves Central or on Waves for only 39.99 dollars.



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Image credits: Waves