Yamaha AG08

Yamaha has released the brand new AG08 live streaming mixer

Expanding upon the company’s successful AG series of audio mixers, the newly released AG08 is designed to meet the needs of live streamers everywhere with features designed specifically for modern needs.

While already a powerhouse in audio and sound, Yamaha refuses to rely solely on its past successes as it continues to move forward and design equipment suitable for the evolving audio needs of producers and creators who now spend more time operating out-of-home studios and engaging with the audience via live streams versus live events.

With a rugged, well-built outer case, the new AG08 mixer offers many of the traditional settings and features of an analog mixer.  While the physical faders, FX knobs, and inputs/outputs make navigating the unit feel familiar to those accustomed to mixers, the inner workings have been developed to create a smooth workflow while live streaming.  Starting with the exterior design, Yamaha has focused on enhancing I/O and USB routing options, including two independent headphone monitor channels in case there is more than one individual on the broadcast or for use by an independent audio engineer.

The three flexible faders allow users to assign the channels “allowing you to intuitively mix the LINE/USB audio signals with the faders.”  The unit also includes four effect preset buttons for CH1, as well as five DSP Effects:

  1. Voice Changer (CH1) / Amp Sim (CH2)
  2. Comp, EQ
  3. Reverb, Delay
  4. Ducker
  5. Maximizer

If that isn’t enough customization, the unit also has six sound pounds, so users can upload their own sound effects to employ within their broadcast.  To help with the ease of implementing some of these mixing processes on the fly, the AG08 also includes an expanded foot switch functionality.

Beyond the outward controls, the new mixer also includes a comprehensive controller app as well to help create the perfect balance and sound for any broadcast.  Complete with access to EQ, compression, and amp simulators for the two mic inputs, users can also stream in mono or stereo, and the signal from the computer can be assigned over the USB to channels 3 to 8.

Overall this is a powerful machine with plenty of features and design meant for the modern age of live streaming and digital broadcasts.  As the digital landscape grows, the Yamaha AG08 should be considered by any production team making a name for themselves via live streaming.


Image Credit: Yamaha

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