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Review: Zenhiser Sacred Stems Sample Pack

Sacred Stems by Zenhiser is an ethnic sample pack & is made to get you inspired instantly. The sounds of Africa, Asia, the Balkan, and South East Asia are featured in this sample pack. The moment you hear the samples for the first time, it will take you away and make you think of a Solomun party somewhere on a private island around the world. Down below is our review of the sample pack.


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The 6.5GB pack is divided into 10 different finished original songs. Genres include Organic House, Oriental House, Afro House, Deep House & Tech House. It comes to a whopping 119 stems in total. Each folder contains a different project that ranges from 115 BPM to 123 BPM. In each folder, you will find all of the royalty-free, processed groups used to make that track.

There are immaculately played instruments which include flutes, drums, guitars, sitars, ouds, kalimbas, berimbaus, and kalimba. Beautiful vocals recorded exclusively for this sample pack will make your production very time-efficient. This incredible sample pack is inspired by the sounds of Tebra, Hraach, Be Svendsen, Mario Bianco, Space Motion, and Anatolian Sessions.


To get into details, the ethnic sample pack files are divided like this. All of the percussions are grouped and processed with the kick together sounding amazing already and ready to use. There is also another group with all of the percussions but excluding the kick, and some percussions by themselves not grouped so you have many options to play around with. The grooves are just wonderful and make you want to dance, they for sure will make it easy for you to get your track started.


There are many tracks with different layers for the melodic parts, some using synthesizers and others using more ethnic instruments. You will find some ethnic percussions and it is just inspiring in many ways.


Sacred Stems is a “writer’s block” killer, once you start playing with the tracks, it will instantly fuel your creative juices.



Sacred Stems by Zenheiser is currently priced at $60, you can purchase the sample pack via the button down below.


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Image Credits: zenhiser.com

Yaniv Markowitch also known as "Marcovits" is a Progressive House & Techno producer born in Guatemala, now living in Israel has been featured in labels such as Cinematique, Traum Schallplatten, Mercurial Tones, Uzons Records, and soon ICONYC.

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