Exclusive Interview: Bare Noize open up about their return, upcoming collaborations and future plans

The saga continues as UK’s own Bare Noize surface back to industry focus with what seems to be a future full of dubstep anarchy. Taking a step in the right direction, these EDM giants have fashioned a career from their childhood love of music; transforming their passions into record breaking hits and dauntless artistry. Supported by icons Skrillex, Deadmau5, and a slue of major industry labels , the boys do a seamless job complimenting the others strengths; which in return, makes us wonder just how far their talents can take them.

After getting the opportunity to interview the two on past collaboration’s, today’s ‘commercial’ sound, and what’s up their sleeves for the year ahead, I’m gonna’ go on a hunch and say- pretty damn far.

Earlier this week you announced your return via Facebook using the old UKF dubstep logo, a YT channel on which has posted a lot of your songs over the years. What did it feel like to receive such a tremendously positive response from your fans?

We were completely taken aback with the response, it was pretty overwhelming to see. It’s mad reading peoples stories and experiences from past shows, or memories from when they heard a track for the first time on UKF who have been an amazing and supportive platform along the way for our music. Really very humbled by the support people have shown and REALLY can’t wait to drop some new music.

Being that it’s been a while since your last record, and since then I’m sure you’re aware of the industry’s exponential growth; Because of that, do you guys wish you kept Bare Noize going or are you happy you dimmed your light for the time being?

I wouldn’t say we ever stopped . . Just a brief hiatus for various reasons, Both of us felt like the sound and shows we were playing weren’t really where our hearts were at musically at the time so we wanted to lock ourselves back in the studio and work on more experimental and cinematic styles.

This led to us producing music for TV & Films and working on projects individually included engineering other artists and projects outside of the bass music realm. The music we write has always been something personal to us, its very important that it feels right and now it does again.

Is your new plan able to mutate with today’s sound without conforming to ‘commercial-dubstep’?

We don’t write music with a “plan” in mind, we just release what we feel expresses where we’re at as people, and hope our fans will appreciate the honesty in that.

We also don’t have an issue with music becoming “commercially” popular just because its genre pre-defines it to the underground. Look back at underground records that have flipped the landscape over recent years. None were written with the intention of commercial viability or a pay check in mind but all went on to do huge things and sculpt what we today consider ’commercial’.

We enjoy writing original material that involves and excites people and if we can pay our rent at the same time that’s a bonus.

With that being said- You two are anything but new to this game. You have massive hits under your belt like “Scatta” with Skrillex, remixes for Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, and support from labels like OWSLA, Mau5trap etc. With that much success under your belts already, define what success means to you now?

Making music that we will look back on in 10 years and still be proud of making would be great! Not sure whether the correct word is success or luck but being able to live your life doing what you truly love is more than enough of both for anyone.

Tell me about your upcoming collaboration with AFK? It’s a pretty smart move for you three to work together since you’re both steadily returning to the scene.

I wouldn’t say we are doing it because its a “smart move”.  We met Jimmy on the Firepower Tour with Datsik & Delta Heavy a few years back and have been pals ever since. The timing is just coincidental, we’ve been meaning to start a collaboration since we left the tour bus but catching him awake is easier said than done!

Any juicy news you want to share with fans about the future of Bare Noize?

We are working on a lot of new music and we just took on new management which is all very exciting. . Let’s see what happens.

Rumor has it that the original, yes I said original, project file to their master hit “Scatta” may have been found for release so fingers crossed on that one.


For all the latest in Bare Noize action, follow their official SoundCloud page here.

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