Coachella releases preview of ‘Antarctic’ stage for 2017

Photos of Coachella‘s new ‘Antarctic‘ stage recently surfaced on the festival’s website, unveiling the building of the festival’s newest, most intriguing stage. An immersive, fully-enclosed, planetarium-like spherical structure, it is said to be a 360° audio-visual sensory experience. Powered by HP, the experience takes fans on a mind-blowing metamorphic journey through time, space, and consciousness. With Coachella only a week away, fans are on the edge of their seats and jumping at even the smallest of news.

The cross-festival, which never fails to impress, will once again boast an invigorating lineup, with a combined 16 Grammy Awards between them all, headliners RadioheadLady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar. Also on the lineup are electronic acts such as DJ Mag’s No.1 DJ Martin GarrixDJ SnakeDillon FrancisNora En PureAnna LunoeMarshmello, GalantisPorter Robinson & Madeon (who will conclude their ‘Shelter‘ tour at Coachella) and many more.

Entering its 18th year, the California-based festival sold out in only three hours while tickets were on sale back in January; however, that’s not a record. Back in 2015, when the likes of Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC headlined, tickets sold out in just 40 minutes! Regardless, Coachella 2017 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years yet!

Check out the preview of the ‘Antarctic’ stage below!

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