Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren’s epic anthem “Communication” turns 18 years old

It is hard to believe, but one of the most iconic trance anthems of all time turns 18 (!) years old this month. Dutch trancemaster Armin van Buuren‘s “Communication” was released in the Netherlands in the end of 1999, a year that meant an absolute peak for trance as a genre altogether. Real Armin fans probably know that the absolute classic “Communication”, with its simple and highly effective pianoplay, is actually Armin van Buuren‘s second solo release, and not his first, as “Blue Fear” saw daylight already in 1997.

One year earlier, in 1996, Armin van Buuren actually already produced two EP’s, but they were not recorded in his studio yet (“EP” and “Push”, both released via Dutch house label Timeless Records). When “Blue Fear” and especially “Communication”, that both came out on Cyber Records were released, it meant Armin’s real breakthrough, as from that moment on he started to play an incredible amount of gigs all over the world. The rest is history, as we know. The both dramatic and euphoric “Communication” became so amazingly successful, that the track saw an immediate re-release in 2000 and 2006, as “Communication Part II” and “Communication Part III”, respectively.

The year 1999 – when the original version of “Communication” was released – was also the year that Armin van Buuren collaborated with fellow Dutchman Tiësto as Major League for “Wonder Where You Are?”, which Tiësto released on Black Hole Recordings, the label he founded in 1997. Many trance- and Armin fans still name “Communication” as their favorite classic trance track of all time. Eighteen years after its official release date, “Communication” is still extremely relevant today and whenever the master himself spins a vinyl set, he is sure to share the magic of it with his fans.

Take a moment to relive this incredible masterpiece in its original version down below.